Where Are You?!

Niall and Alexia haven't seen each other since he left for the X-Factor. She moves to Australia then she realizes that they're coming there on tour! She nuts front row tickets for her and her best friend Tieran. What happens when Alexia, Niall's best friend from kindergarten, starts dating Louis? When Niall confesses his love for her?


5. What The....?!

Niall took me and the boys somewhere(I wouldn't know because he blindfolded us)

"Okay open your eyes" Niall cheered

We all ripped off our blindfolds and stood in awe, we were in front of a club. I ran inside, the boys scrambling after me. Niall,Louis, and Zayn went straight for the bar. Harry was with Tieran making out in the corner(eww) It was me and Liam dancing around, suddenly i felt hands on my waist, I turned to see, a very wasted, Luke Hemmings.

"Hey, babe"


"Want a drink, on me of course!"

"Yes please" I answered, but not wanting to end the moment with Luke.

He ordered two drinks.

And by my 9th shot I was wasted.

Huge mistake.

Luke started kissing me and I just did what felt right, kissed back. When it got heated, tongues and all, i stopped the kiss. He asked me to be his girlfriend and, being wasted, I said yes

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