Where Are You?!

Niall and Alexia haven't seen each other since he left for the X-Factor. She moves to Australia then she realizes that they're coming there on tour! She nuts front row tickets for her and her best friend Tieran. What happens when Alexia, Niall's best friend from kindergarten, starts dating Louis? When Niall confesses his love for her?


2. Strangely Lost

I walked fast through the streets and found myself at my exs door. I walked up and knocked on the door, he answered. He invited me in and told me how he missed me and shit like that, so I confessed the reason I was there, I needed someone I didn't have Niall. I needed him.

He dragged me upstairs by my hair and threw me on the bed

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I screamed "getting back what was mine" he breathed out through gritted teeth. Next thing I know he was ripping off my clothes! I grabbed his head and hit him in the face with my knee and ran out. Then everything went black

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