Where Are You?!

Niall and Alexia haven't seen each other since he left for the X-Factor. She moves to Australia then she realizes that they're coming there on tour! She nuts front row tickets for her and her best friend Tieran. What happens when Alexia, Niall's best friend from kindergarten, starts dating Louis? When Niall confesses his love for her?


4. Infinite Dreaming?!

Zayn's POV:

She was so beautiful, and fragile I just wanted to kiss her soft lips... What?! No, no, no Zayn! I just remember how she laughed. Perfect, she was so amazing. Everything about her was. But, she was with... Niall? Louis? I don't remember! "Zaaaayyynnnn!" "Yeah, love?" "Let's make breakfast!" "Okay, babe. How about pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage?" "YUMMYYY!!!"

*Im skipping the making and eating of breakfast*

Nialls POV:

"Let's take Alexia to the club tonight!" I suggested. "Yeah, we can get her and Tieran to go!" Harry added. "Sure mate!" "I'll call her?" "I'm gonna check on Alexia *wink*"

We both laughed.

Alexia's POV:

"Hey, babe. You look beautiful, even more beautiful than you did the night I fucked you!:)" Niall said as he walked in my room. "Shut up Niall!" I kissed him and he immediately started kissing back. He ended the kiss and took my hand after about 2-3 minutes. He grabbed my other hand and looked me in the eyes

And I swear, in that moment we were infinite.

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