Up all night

Olivia Higgins is in her junior year of high school with her best friend Jordan. Jordan is obsessed with One direction. Her birthday is coming up, and Olivia wants to make it special. She asks her uncle, Paul Higgins, the tour manager/ “babysitter” for one direction to perform at Jordan’s 18th birthday party. Will Jordan's ex-sister ruin her party? What will happen as they stay up all night?


2. the suprise

Olivia's POV

We went to my house. It was huge. It had a driveway that looked like a pink breast cancer ribbon except it was black. 3 stories high with a pool and a BBQ grill. There was a garden with a hammock and pond with fish and lilies. And a gazebo. My dad says when he finished this house my mom got married to him in the garden. The following months they had me. She died when I was little. There was a patio that was the perfect size for the dance floor. The adults had just started decorating with streamers. And I led Jordan upstairs to my room. My room was huge with a queen sized bed and walk in closet. I was stalling by doing homework with Jordan. We did it on the floor so she couldn't see out the window.

George's POV

Clarice, Chris and I started to take down the streamers after Olivia took Jordan inside. We started putting up even fancier decorations like wire with candles inside lanterns, DJ's area to make nice music for guests(speakers and sound system), dance floor with different glowing lights, drinks with tiny umbrella toothpicks, balloons with helium which was for decoration and if a guest wanted to change their voice, stage for One direction to perform, a spotlight, etc. When i spotted one direction i told them exactly what they needed to do. Then I drove to Ashley's party and asked, "Who wants to see one direction perform?" The whole crowd got excited.

Niall's POV

Paul said we would perform in front of a birthday girl. Oh great! Not this. When we arrived at the house it was beautiful and our stage was great. Paul introduced us to George who owns the house. He said,"Thank you so much for performing for this girl named Jordan. She is a big fan of yours. I'm going to hide you guys because she doesn't know you are here and neither do the guests. Also we don't want everyone to go crazy on you when we tell them." We were in his bedroom it seems. After about 2 hours, Harry spotted two girls. "Guys check this out" said harry. One was being covered by the other, I was guessing she was the birthday girl. All i saw was the back of them. "And here they are" said someone. "That's our cue" said Zayn. We went towards the window and a light flashed in our eyes.

Jordan's POV

It was 10pm and Olivia covered my eyes and led me downstairs. "It's not that big of a party" i told her. I could hear Clarice whispering but I don't know what. She opened my eyes and everyone screamed "Surprise!" Then someone from audience said," Now where is one direction!" I screamed, "You really got me one direction" "Yes" She said. I think I screamed too loud in her. I hugged her. "And here they are" said Chris. The spotlight pointed to Olivia's bedroom window and there stood one direction. "Happy birthday Jordan!" said Harry. "Glad you could make it West bridge high!" yelled Niall. "Are you surprised?" yelled Louis "Who's ready to have a great time?" said Zayn. "You ready to party" said Liam. My dream was finally happening. Meeting one direction!

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