Up all night

Olivia Higgins is in her junior year of high school with her best friend Jordan. Jordan is obsessed with One direction. Her birthday is coming up, and Olivia wants to make it special. She asks her uncle, Paul Higgins, the tour manager/ “babysitter” for one direction to perform at Jordan’s 18th birthday party. Will Jordan's ex-sister ruin her party? What will happen as they stay up all night?


3. the meeting

Niall's POV

We ran downstairs and got on stage. We huddled "What songs should we do?" said Louis. "The usual" said Harry.  We started with What makes you beautiful. Liam dragged Jordan onstage. At first she hesitant but we got her to start dancing. We even let the audience sing along by putting the microphone towards the audience. Everyone was having a great time.

Olivia's POV

One direction took a break and went backstage where Jordan and I were. "Thank you, thank you, thank you" she said quickly while she hugged them. "Your welcome" said Zayn "It was fun" said Louis "thanks for having us" said Niall "We love the fans" said Harry "Happy birthday!" said Liam "Thank you!" She screamed. "Having fun," I said "Yes, it's perfect thank you so much" we hugged.

Niall's POV

Jordan is such a sweet and nice girl. "Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt but what's your name?" "Olivia" she replied. "Such a beautiful name." "Thank you" she smiled. "you have an amazing smile" I looked her in the eyes. They were beautiful brown eyes, reminded me of this puppy I saw that was so cute. "Can I have a moment with Olivia," said Jordan. "Sure" I said. I watched them talk but was interrupted when Harry gave me a microphone.

Jordan's POV

"It sounds like Niall likes you, and you like him." "Yes-" said Olivia  "Zayn is engaged, Liam and Louis are dating someone, so I have to go out with Harry." "You don't have to-" she started "but he's a ladies man so he doesn't stay with anyone for too long. I have to be a one night stand" "No, you don't." "It's my dream to be with one direction." Before she could talk again One direction started singing and the speakers were so loud I couldn't hear her. They sang Live while we're young and I started dancing.

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