Up all night

Olivia Higgins is in her junior year of high school with her best friend Jordan. Jordan is obsessed with One direction. Her birthday is coming up, and Olivia wants to make it special. She asks her uncle, Paul Higgins, the tour manager/ “babysitter” for one direction to perform at Jordan’s 18th birthday party. Will Jordan's ex-sister ruin her party? What will happen as they stay up all night?


8. goodbye

Niall's POV

After that, the crowd cheered. Another song! We went onstage and sang some more. When we were done, I walked off stage and saw Olivia. It was 4am. Sing another! They shouted. "Be right back" I told her. Then we sang some more. We ran out of songs half an hour later. Sing again! they shouted. We were tired. Paul and the security guards told everyone to leave. It was 5:30 when they all finally left. The sun was rising. I walked towards Olivia. "Sorry" I hugged her. "Boys, we are leaving in 30 minutes"said Paul. "I wish I could stay" I said to her. "Well since, you have to leave, I should give you my number, if we want to see each other again." She said. I gave her my phone and she wrote her name and number. She gave me her phone and I wrote my name and number. "Oh let me get a picture of you" She said "Oh no, paparazzi, I couldn't"I said. She giggled. She took a picture of me and put it on my contact. "Why don't I get a picture of you?" I asked. She stood and posed. I kissed her on the lips and took a photo  It turned out good. "You should send that to me" she said. She kissed me then hugged me. "Let's go, Niall" said Paul. "Goodbye," she said. I waved "bye". I got into the car with the boys. Zayn opened his window and shouted "Happy birthday, Jordan"as we drove down the driveway "And ashley" said Liam before we left the driveway.

Olivia's POV

Ashley walked up to Jordan. Chris walked over and hugged the two of them. "Me and your mother thought it would be best if we never spoke again so we thought of just splitting the two of you" "It's alright" she said. "I could of never asked for a better family".

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