It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


32. waiting for the boys to come home

I wait for them at the airport and it's really early. Like 12:00 am on a Monday hahahahahaha. But I wanna be here when they get back. When Harry gets back. God i miss him.

It's finally 3:30 am and there plane lands. I see the boys walk out and then I saw him.

Ali: Harry?

Harry: Ali?

We both smile and run to each other and we both hug each other he lifts me up spinning me around. I giggled and he did to.

Harry: I missed u!

Ali: I missed you too!

We kept hugging until Niall said.

Niall: hey what about me?

I let go of Harry and hugged Niall.

Ali: I missed u a lot to buddy boy

I kissed his cheek and he blushes.

Niall: I missed u more.

Louis: I think we all did

We grouped hug until we remembered Niall was closterphobic.

Niall: hey guys I can't breathe.

Ali: sorry ni.

We all let go of each other.

Ali and Harry: I have something to ask u. You go first no u.

We giggle.

Ali: how about at the same time?

Harry: ok.

Ali and Harry: can we get back together? Yes yes.

We smile and kiss. All the other boys were sad but happy at the same time Harry and I didn't have any problems and no one go in the way of our love.

*Harry's pov*

Did Ali and I ever get married? Well after years of saying no I finally said yes. (Ali) um Harry u asked me and I finally said yes. Were getting married in August on my birthday.

*the end*

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