It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


22. the next morning

-I wake up to smell eggs and bacon- I look around-

Ali: Lou?

Louis: in the kitchen! -he yells Into the room-

-I get up and walk into the kitchen-

Louis: good morning beautiful.

Ali: good morning handsome.

-Louis blushes-

Louis: i made you eggs and bacon just the way you like it.

Ali: oh i see.

Louis: sit down love.

-I sit down and he pushes me in and he brings my food-

Ali: oh Lou you don't have to-

-he cuts me off-

Louis: I want to Ali.

Ali: ok Lou.

-I was about to ask Louis for some orange juice but before I did he brought over some for me-

-I smile-

Ali: thank you.

Louis: welcome.

-we both eat but he stared at me more than he ate his food-

-it was silent when we ate-

Ali: Lou?

Louis: yeah?

Ali: your a really good person.

Louis: you are to Al you too.

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