It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


18. the fight

Harry: Ali could we talk alone for a minute?

-I look at Liam and the boys-

Ali: I don't know Harry.

Harry: only for five minutes.

Ali: 2 and u got a deal.

Harry: fine.

-we walked over to a bench and sit down-

Harry: I'm sorry for everything I did the choice I made was wrong.

Ali: I forgive you Harry ok can we not talk about this?

Harry: ok what I really wanted to talk about was that I was wondering if you could give me about her chance.

Ali: I don't know about that Harry you hurt me really bad telling me that you were in love with my best friend.

Harry: please Ali I'm sorry for being a dick.

Ali: I don't know.

Harry: please?

Ali: I said I don't know Harry! I don't wanna be hurt by a jerk like u! -we both stand up and walk in separate ways-

Zayn: I got Harry.

Liam: I'll get Ali.

Louis: Liam can I try first?

Liam: ok Lou.

-Zayn talks to Harry and Louis talks to me-

Louis: Ali calm down.

Ali: can you believe him he asked me back out again after what he did!

Louis: he's Harry you know he would do that.

Ali: but me? Why me?

Louis: he's falling for u Ali that's why.

-I look at him-

Ali: you think?

Louis: I know love.

Ali: thanks Lou and I'll think about talking to Harry.

Louis: your welcome love and ok.

-I hug Louis and he hugs back-

Ali: I got to get ready for the parade thingy now tell the boys to get where you supposed to so u can see me.

Louis: ok I will -Louis and I walk away-

(Harry's pov)

Zayn: Harry wait up!

Harry: what?!

Zayn: why did u ask her back out when you know she was hurt by what you did and said to her? Oh wait your falling in love for you aren't you?

Harry: yes I am Zayn I can't stay away from her.

Zayn: I know Harry but you have to wait until she's ready and she'll come to u and if she decides that she don't wanna be with you again then you have to let her go and move on.

Harry: I know Zayn but it will be so hard to say goodbye to her.

Zayn: I know but you might have to just give her a while to calm down and see if she will talk to u after her parade if not let her breathe for a bit ok lad?

Harry: ok thanks Zayn.

-they hug and they go to the parade with the other boys-

(Ali's pov)

-I come around the bend and wave to my fans and the boys-

Ali/belle: dreams do come true and there is a prince or princess out there for u. U just have to look for them they could be right in front of u and you wouldn't know it. -I look at Harry and he looks back- I look away and wave-

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