It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


3. talking

Harry: so what do you want to do? Allison: watch a movie? Harry: how about we talk to get to know one another? Allison: ok how is it like on tour? Harry was quite for a little bit and the. Said Harry: well it's good but I miss my family but at least im with my four brothers and I get to do what I love and make my fans happy. He smiled

Allison: Harry? Would you ever go out with a fan?

Harry: yeah I would but id have to get to know them first.

Allison: would you go out with me if you knew me?

Harry: well I would have to know how old you are.

Allison: 19 if I wasn't I wouldn't have talked to u.

Harry: oh I'm 19 too that's really cool!

Allison: haha it is and I know your 19 Harry .

We talked for a while he gave me his number and I gave him his and we hung out all day everyday we got to know one another a little more and I finally got the guts to ask Harry out I breath in and out. I can do this if have to I don't want him to get away or get a girlfriend. I saw him on the street and I walked up to him he was with Niall getting food.

Allison: Harry! Harry turned around to face me.

Harry: Ally! Love how are you?!

Allison: I'm good how about you?

Harry: I'm good too.

Allison: so what brings you here to mcdonalds?

Harry: well Niall was really hungry so we stopped here.

Niall: hey it's not my fault I'm always hungry I was born to eat a lot.

Allison: hi Niall I'm Allison.

Niall looked at me and then looked at Harry.

Niall: this is Allison? Are you kidding me?

Allison: what's wrong?

Niall: damn Harry you were right she is hot!

Harry: Niall!

Niall: sorry!

Allison: you told Niall I was hot?

Harry: yeah. Harry blushed

Niall: he told all of us lads.

Harry: Niall go get the food while ally and I talk .

Niall: ok see ya ally!

Allison: see ya Niall!

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