It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


9. parents

Mom:omg ally is this Liam ?

Liam: yes it is mam

Mom: I haven't seen you since you were little lad

Liam: yeah it's been a while.

Allison: he's still cute -giggles-

Liam: ally no I'm not.

Allison: it's true and so is Harry.

Harry: thanks love.

Allison: mom dad this is Harry. Harry is my- he cuts me off-

Harry: boyfriend nice to meet you- shakes their hands-

-I look at Harry- Harry looks back-

Harry: Ally can we talk alone for a minute?

Allison: excuse us mom and dad

Dad: be back soon were leaving soon

Allison: we will.

-Harry and I walk outside-

Harry: ally why do you let your parents talk to u like that? Your 19 years old you can do what you want and cook the way you want your free.

Allison: Harry if I stood up for myself then they will think badly of me and I don't wanna hear them saying how selfish I am.

Harry: ally they already do that.

Allison: you know what Harry I'm not gunna deal with u and my parents I think you should leave.

Harry: fine I don't wanna make things worse.

Allison: Harry?

Harry: yes?

Allison: I'm sorry

Harry: it's ok babe

Allison: so are we ok?

Harry: always love -he smiles- goes home-

-I walk in-

Mom: where's Harry?

Allison: we had a fight and I told him to leave.

Liam: are you too ok?

Allison: yes everything's fine.

Mom:well that was kind of rude even though-

Dad: we didn't like him.

Allison: he's my boyfriend I don't care what u think about him.

Liam: he's one of my friends if your saying you don't like him your saying you don't like me.

Mom: no we do like u

Liam: so u like Harry

Dad: no we will never like him

Allison: you know what mom and dad get out.

Mom: excuse me?

Dad: that's rude young lady!

Allison: you heard me get the HELL out right now.

Mom and dad: we will never come here again.

Allison and Liam: good

-they storm out-

Liam: are you okay ally?

Allison: no. No I'm not. -starts crying- Liam hugs me- Liam: everything's gunna be okay love I promise.

Allison: I hope so.

Liam: me to love me to.

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