It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


24. off for a day of awesomeness

-we all get to the park and Daniel sees me and walks to me-

Daniel: you have the day off just have fun and enjoy yourself.

Ali: thanks Daniel!

-I grab Louis hand and we run to the tea cups-

-Harry and the boys look at each other weird-

Niall: what happened between them?

Zayn: friends hold hands too guys relax.

-they followed us to the tea cups and we ride them- Louis pulls me aside-

Louis: be my girl Ali please?

-I stop smiling-

Ali: what?

Louis: be my girl.

Ali: I would love to be your girl love.

-he smiles- Louis: let's go on peter pans flight.

Ali: that's because your my Peter Pan.

-Louis blushes-

Louis: yeah.

-we get on the ride and we look into each other's eyes and we kiss and Harry sees-

Louis: your so beautiful babe.

Ali: oh hush Lou. -smiles and blushes-

-we look around and see peter and Wendy-

-the ride comes to an end and we get off and Harry pushes Louis-

Harry: what the fuck Louis!

Louis: what did I do?!

Harry: you kissed the girl I love!

Louis: I like her Harry she's mine!

Harry: that's it!

-Harry and Louis starts fighting-

Ali: stop it! Stop it!

-they stop-

Ali: you know what I can't take this I'm not any of yours!

-I walk away-

Louis: Ali!

Harry: shut up Louis you ruined it!

Louis: your the one who ruined it Harry I had a good thing going with Ali and u ruined it!

-Harry punches Louis and Louis hits back- then walks away-

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