It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


26. not talking

-I walked around Magic Kingdom-

I had another day off and I didn't talk to anyone really I just went on rides by myself I really wanted to be alone because of what happened but I hated myself for ever going out with Harry and Louis I'm just done of being fought over and everything I'm sick of it why can't the be mature about it instead of fighting over me? "I'm not a prize to be won " as jasmine would say. God I hate guys sometimes! It drives me insane why does everyone want me? I'm nothing special just some ordinary girl who knows 1D the popular boy band or should I say man band? Whatever. I wish I could live my life drama free!!!

Now I find myself talking to Mickey Mouse about my problems and he hugs me for a long time.

Ali: I'm sorry Mickey i keep talking about my problems.

Mickey: it's fine i love listening to people it's the nice thing to do.

Ali: are you sure?

Mickey: yeah I'm sure.

Ali: thanks Mickey!

-hugs him- Mickey hugs back-

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