It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


14. leaving

I say goodbye to Liam and that lads and I head to Florida for a while I stay in a hotel for a while and one day I was singing while walking around in Magic Kingdom in Disney world I was singing "Part of your world" someone tapped on my shoulder and I looked to see a guy he started talking to me.

Daniel: hi I'm Daniel I work here and I supposed to find a belle for the park to sing and sign books and take pictures u see the other belle we had to fire because she was rude to the kids and the adults.

Ali: hi I'm allison and well I do love belle she's my fave princess -I think- I'll do it.

Daniel: thank you so much let's get u to the princess makeover spot to get you fancy for belle and everything and u work here now so you get food and stuff for free.

Ali: cool I'm looking forward to it.

I follow Daniel and he leads me to the tent where the make-up place is we get there and I get seated in a chair that says "Belle" and a girl named Jessica put my make-up on and then they help me put my belle clothes on the blue one not the yellow dress.

Daniel: you can come out and look at yourself in the mirror now.

I do and I look in the mirror

Ali: omg I'm belle.

Daniel: wow your beautiful.

-I blush-

Ali: thanks Daniel.

-he nods-

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