It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


23. fun

-I get up and put my glass and things in the sink-

Ali : Lou I'm gunna go get dressed u be a good boy and don't come in when I'm getting dressed.

Louis: ok I'll be good.

-I go to the bed room and pick out my clothes and start getting undressed-

(Louis pov)

-I sneak in the room and get a peek- god she's beautiful in her underwear and bra ok I know what your thinking I'm a perv but I'm really not I've never done this before but I can't help it it's Alison she's perfect I know I'm Harry's friend but he was a huge dick for what he did and he don't deserve Ali. (In my head)

-I walk away and then don't look-

Louis: I need to get dressed Ali.

Ali: you can come in just don't look.

Louis: ok love I won't (even tho I already did)

-I walk in and don't look at her and I get my clothes and I turned around and she was already dressed- (damn it)

Louis: Ali I'm getting dressed don't look.

Ali: I won't I'm not that kind of girl Louis.

Louis: ok.

(Ali's pov)

-I go to the closet and pretend I'm looking for something he's not looking so I look at him while he takes his shirt off-

Damn he's got a perfect body. (In head)

-he puts his new shirt on and then he slides his pants off reveling his boxers- (I'm sorry guys I don't know what kind of underwear he wears)

Oh my god I've never seen his boxers either damn it he's killing me (in head)

-he slides his jeans on his slim body but he slides them up slowly like he knew I was staring at him-

-he puts them on and buttons and zips them- he starts turning around so I look in the closet again-

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