It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


17. boys

-I'm walking around Magic Kingdom and then I see Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry-

Ali: Liam? Zayn? Louis? Niall? Harry?

-they look and see me-

Boys: Ali!

-they run to me and hug me-

Liam: what's up?

Ali: I work here now that's what's up.

Louis: what do u mean?

Ali: I'm belle I take pictures and sign things and also sing for the people.

Niall: that's awesome it's nice to meet you belle -kisses my hand-

Ali: nice to meet you too Niall.

Harry: your really belle?

Ali: I'll prove it but first let's go get food!

Niall: my kind of gal.

-they all laugh and Harry gets jealous-

Daniel: Ali you just ate two seconds ago.

Ali: I'm hungry I can't help it.

Niall: me too Ali.

Ali: guys this is Daniel. Daniel this is One Direction. Well Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry. -points to them-

Daniel: nice to meet u-

Harry: who's he?

Ali: my new friend and he works here to if a princess gets fired he's gotta find a new one.

Daniel: that's how I got Ali to be belle.

Zayn: sweet.

-we go eat and Niall and I eat almost all of the food-

Louis: Niall I guess she is your type of gal -giggles-

Ali: it's a good thing right?

(Ali never gains weight when she eats as much as niall)

Niall: well duh silly - he giggles-

-we all laugh-

Ali: ok what now?

Niall: rides!!!!!

Boys: rides!

Ali: ok rides it is!

Daniel: well I'm gunna go see you later Ali for the big parade with u and the other princesses you get to meet your beast - he winks and walks away-

-I blush-

Ali: I'm nervous guys.

Zayn: don't be it's like your on stage like the boys you know how it is cuz you open up for us all the time.

Ali: right so I should be fine.

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