There badass girls from New York that everyone's afraid of! What will they do when there adopted by the one and only one direction! Will they go soft or will they stick to there bitchy selfs. Will they survive the hate there getting on social sites and school??? All these questions to be answered and all you have to do is read for the answers


7. love connection

HAILEYS P.O.V                                                                                                                                SO    we meet up with Elissa at lunch and and some boy as sitting bye her . he was our age and he had blonde hair and blue eyes .Elissa said his name was clay. I thought he was cute but the girls just liked him as a friend. The whole time he was stareing at me and my tattoos like he was amazed or something that I would have so many and piercings. all of the sudden clay looked deep into my eyes and said " wow that's amazing!!" whats amazing?" asked a stunned Elissa he whispered to Elissa " she.. shes beautiful " "" who, hailey " asked mileaha    "yes, hailey right ? " clay answered" you to , clay right ?"                                                                                                       

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