There badass girls from New York that everyone's afraid of! What will they do when there adopted by the one and only one direction! Will they go soft or will they stick to there bitchy selfs. Will they survive the hate there getting on social sites and school??? All these questions to be answered and all you have to do is read for the answers


5. first day


Today is my first day at my new school and to be honest im a bit nervous and idont know why!  im usually not the kind of girl to get scared or nervous . I took a shower brushed my hair then brushed my teeth . I put on my make up which included eyeliner , mascara ,and black lipstick. I was wearing my tight black t shirt that said 'GREEN DAY  'on it in red letters .I also wore black skinny jeans and red converse. I walked out of the room to meet hailey kelsey and that other girl, whats her name oh ya Elissa . Hailey was wearing the same thing as me exept hr shirt said 'FALL OUT BOY' and she had white converse and Kelsey was wearing something similar but her shirt didn't say anything and she had black converse all our makeup was the same the tattoos on our arms were showing and we had all black piercings in . we all wore red contacts. if you havnt noticed me and hailey are twins . we are exactly alike in all ways expect our tattoos . we all have different tattoos but we do have two tattoos that are the same they were an infinity sign that says together forever and a black rose. me hailey and Kelsey wore born in New York ,and we were feard by everyone there. the reason for that is because we were in a gang we always carried a gun even at school incase we needed to use it and im not ashamed to say that we have before even the teachers were afraid of us.we started to walk to school when I got bored so I decided to start singing fly by nicki minaj 'I came to win ' I started 'to fight , to conquer ,to thrive. I came to win to survive, to prosper, to rise ' hailey and Kelsey sang ' to flyyyyyy, to flyyy ' I sang that part because they couldn't hit the high note perfectly just yet 'I wish today it would rain all day ,maybe that will kinda make the pain go away, trying to forgive you for abandoning me,praying but I think im still an angel away ,angel away ,angel away,yeah strange in a way . they got there guns out aiming at me ,but I become neon when they aiming at me ,me,me,me against them me against enemies , me against friends, some how they both seem to become one .     a sea full of sharks and they all smell blood, they start coming and I start rising must be suprising ,im just surmising . I win, thrive, soar, higher, higher, higher, more fire' me Kelsey and hailey sing together ' wow that was amazing' Elissa said ' thanks we've been singing things like this sence we could talk' hailey said 'you've been together that long' asked 'well I met them in pre-k' kelsey said  we walked through the doors to the school and Elissa walked us to the front office and said 'well i'll meet you guys at lunch' and then walked to her class im guessing we walked into the office. there was an older looking lady with glasses and grey hair.'may I help you' she said without looking up that's not creepy (note of sarcasm) ' um y-y-yes we need our schedules please' I said . seriously what is up with me and why am I so nervous its like my mind is trying to tell me something ok ya something is up because that didn't even make sence 'go through that door and ask miss.Pillsberry' the old lady said finally looking up and grimaced we walked through the door to see a younger woman around the age of 30 she had short red hair and blue eyes ' hi how may I help you girls' she asked in a sweet voice ' we need our schedules' I answered in a cold voice snaping out of my nervous stuttering state back to my confident cruil state 'oh um ok I need each of your names please' she said kinda shocked from the harsh tone 'mileaha ,Kelsey,and hailey' Kelsey answered as coldly as I did' ok here you go hope you like it here ' she said handing us the schedules 'well this going to be fun ' hailey said sarcasticly

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