One Direction Imagines

This is the first time I'm writing imagines but if you would want one please comment your
1. Name
2. Boy
3. Personality
4. Looks
5. Topic (don't do dirty ones)


3. Zayn Imagine for Abeeha

Hope you like it Abeeha


Your POV

You woke up to a great Saturday morning and you wanted to start your jog so you got changed into your track uniform and which was what you were supposed to be doing to practice for your track meet. You turned into a corner and hurt your head by bumping into someone.

Zayn's POV

Sometimes I have the urge to calm down with all this stress and just take a little walk. So I was just walking until I turned a corner and accidentally bump into this beautiful girl with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes like mine.

Your POV

"OMG! I'm so sorry I didn't mean to run into you." I said

Until I looked up and found out that I have just bumped into the Zayn Malik and he was always my favorite.

"Don't worry about it, it was my fault." He said running his forehead.

"No it was totally my fault." I said

"How about I'll forgive if you would want to take a walk with me around that park over there." He said using his charm on me.

Zayn's POV

This day couldn't be any better we learned a little bit about each other and she is really funny and perky and really fierce meaning that's my type of girl. We exchanged numbers and I asked her if she would like to go to dinner with me and she said yes.

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