One Direction Imagines

This is the first time I'm writing imagines but if you would want one please comment your
1. Name
2. Boy
3. Personality
4. Looks
5. Topic (don't do dirty ones)


6. Louis Imagine for Beth

Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I hope you like it Beth


Your POV

You couldn't believe that your best friend got you tickets to a One Direction concert and were so excited. Since Louis was your favorite you decided to wear some stripes, suspenders and maybe red toms. So your friend came to your house to pick you up and luckily she got you front rows seats.

Skips to beginning of concert

Louis's POV

First concert of the tour and already getting off on the right foot and while me and the boys were singing "Kiss You" I see this pretty girl with beautiful brown hair and I gave her a little wink.

Your POV

I couldn't believe Louis just winked at me. As the concert went on I still noticed that Louis was stealing some glances at me and I returned in a small smile.

Louis's POV

When the concert was over I quickly ran up to that girl I saw at the concert and grabbed her arm.

"Hey, what's your name?" I said

"Beth" she said shy yet still sweet

"I know that this seems soon but can I get your number and would you like to hang out sometime?" I said

Your POV

"OMG! I can't believe Louis is asking me out" I thought to myself.

"Yeah I would like that very much" I said

We exchanged numbers and waited until the best date of my life begins.

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