One Direction Imagines

This is the first time I'm writing imagines but if you would want one please comment your
1. Name
2. Boy
3. Personality
4. Looks
5. Topic (don't do dirty ones)


2. Liam Imagine For Michelle

Hopefully you like this Michelle


Your POV

You were walking around and here people making fun of you because you were kind of short and you had glasses and then you walked by the populars and there you saw Liam who you thought was the nicest but what were you thinking he would never like you and just went to your first class.

Liam's POV

As always it feels like a normal day of school and I see Michelle the most beautiful girl ever but my friends say that she's a nerd and why would anyone like her but I did and good thing we had the first class together.

Your POV

So far class was boring and hearing another of Mr.Murphy's lectures and I feel someone staring at me and I see Liam stealing some glances at me. Although I've been having a crush on Liam for some time now how can he like me out of every other girl in the whole school?

Skips to end of school

Liam's POV

Once the final bell rang I ran out school like a madman and explained to my friends how much I love Michelle and finally came up to their senses and let me go out with her. So I tried to find her until I saw her just to leave in her car so I sped up to her and asked her the question I've been wanting to ask her.

Your POV

Finally school is over and I was just about to go into my car until I see Liam standing right in front of me!

"Michelle will you please go out with me?" he said while panting.

"Liam what are you talking about?" I said confused.

"Michelle I've had a crush on you since I've laid eyes on you." He said

"Me too." I said

Then next thing you know his lips are on mine and it the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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