You'll Be In My Heart...Forever

Savannah and Harry are engaged! As they get married, everything is alright... at first. When unexpected things happen, will Savannah and Harry last?
*Book 3 of "The Blind Will See" series*


4. Wedding Planning Continues - Savannah's P.O.V.

- 2 months later -


"And here we have the vanilla rum cake and the raspberry vanilla cake." the wedding planner says to Harry and I.


It's been 2 months since Harry proposed to me and we have been planning the wedding like crazy. We have all the food for the reception, picked out Harry and the boy's tuxes, my girls bridesmaids dresses, the location of our wedding, and the guest list.

All that's left is the cake and my dress.

We taste the vanilla rum. It was good.

Then we tasted the raspberry vanilla. I really liked this one, and by the look on Harry's face, he did too.

So we decided on the raspberry vanilla.


As we drove home, I wrote down in my wedding planner.

First I wrote down "Food - Taco bar, mashed potato bar, and ice cream bar."


Yes I know what you're thinking, Really? that's what you're having? This is a wedding, not a little party. But me and Harry have decided to just do simple things that we like, we don't want anything fancy.

Then I wrote down "Location - Harry's secret location."

Harry had demanded 2 things in the wedding.

The first was the location of the wedding and the second was our honeymoon.

To be honest, I was a little bit scared.

I smiled to myself.

Then I wrote down "Harry and boy's tuxes, black ,black, cream."

Then came the bridesmaids dresses. I wrote down "short, cream, lace."

Then the guest list.

Our parents.

The rest of One Direction, and their girlfriends.

Harry's best friends and mine as well.


We wanted this to be an intimate wedding. Just us and the family and friends closest to us.


The last thing I wrote down was "My dress."

I had 2 dresses that I absolutely loves but couldn't choose between.

When we got home, I was gonna take Louis and Eleanor with me to the bridal shop too decide.

The wedding was in 2 days, so I needed to make a decision.


We arrived home and Harry got out and opened the door for me, then hugged me. I hugged him back.

"I'm so excited." He whispers in my ear.

"Me too." I whisper back.


We released each other and walked into the house.

There Louis and El sat, waiting for us.

El came up to Harry and said "Mr. Styles, we are here to take your beautiful bride to the bridal shop to decide on a wedding gown."

I smiled.

Harry smiled. "OK. take care of my beautiful bride, you hear me you two?"

Louis stepped forward. "Oh, Mr. Styles, she will be treated as a queen."

We all laughed.

Harry kissed me. "I will see you later my beautiful bride."

I smiled and said goodbye.

We left and drove to the bridal shop.

I tried on the first gown.

It was beautiful. It was floor length and had a full skirt and train. It was cream color and had a sweet-heart neckline.

I tried on the other dress.

It was also floor length. Though it did not have a full skirt. It was also cream colored.

I tried them both on several time. I finally made a decision after 2 hours of looking in the mirror.

I decided on the first one.

The dress was available and was put away for me.

We thanked the bridal shop staff and left.

Louis and El dropped me off at our house and told me they'd see me before the wedding.

I walked into the house and found Harry on the couch, watching t.v.

I smiled and walked over and sat next to him.

He looked away from the t.v. to look at me.

"So, did you decide on a dress?"

'Yes I did. It's so beautiful."

Harry smiles and turns off the t.v. and scoots closer to me me.

I snuggle into his chest as he puts his arms around me.


"Yeah Harry?"

"I love you."

I smile. "I love you too."

Harry kisses the top of my head. Then we just snuggle for a while.

When we are done snuggling, we got up and went up to our room to get ready for an early night in.

I put on a pair of black sweats and one of Harry's black t-shirts.

I walked out of the bathroom and there is Harry, already in bed. Well, more like on top of the bed, since he was not under the covers.

He lay curled up in his side of the bed in just a pair of black sweats, just staring at me.


"Nothing. You just look so beautiful. Especially in my shirts." He says, winking.

I smile and get into bed.

Harry gets under the covers and brings me closer to him.

"This is our last night together, not married." I whisper into his chest.

"I know. I'm very excited. Next time we sleep in the same bed, we will be Mr. and Mrs. Styles. he whispers back.

I pull back my head and ask, "Do you wanna have kids right away?"

"Lets just go with whatever happens OK?"


"I love you Savannah."

"And I love you Harry." I whisper back as we fall asleep.



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