You'll Be In My Heart...Forever

Savannah and Harry are engaged! As they get married, everything is alright... at first. When unexpected things happen, will Savannah and Harry last?
*Book 3 of "The Blind Will See" series*


3. Wedding Planning Begins - Savannah's P.O.V.


After Harry said "And making lots of little Styles..." I didn't know what to say.

It just surprised me is all. We had never talked about children. At all.


I didn't sleep at all that night...




When I woke up the next morning, Harry was gone. I was afraid that he was mad at me.

I got up and took a quick shower then got dressed in a pair of blue skinny jeans and one of Harry's black t-shirts. I didn't put any make-up on and grabbed my iPhone and walked out to the kitchen.

There Harry sat. Eating an apple.

I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest.

"Good morning love." I say onto his ear.

"Good morning. he replied, short and kinda cold.

I released my arms and sat in the chair next to him. His face looked so...sad and hurt.

The second I saw his face, I knew what it was about.

"Harry, last night... When you said that, about having kids, and I didn't say anything back, that wasn't because i don't wanna have kids with you, far from it actually. I was just startled, because we haven't talked about kids... at all. So I really didn't know what to say. I'm sorry."


He looks at me and his face starts to soften.

"So... You wanna have kids... With me?" he asks.

"Of course!! Why wouldn't I? We will be married and happy, and I want lots of children Mr Styles!" I say as I wink at him.

He stands up and grabs my hands and brings me close to him.

"Marry me, now, please. I need you. I want you." Harry whispers.

"Harry, weddings take time. I want this to be perfect. I want you too, but I need to plan the perfect wedding." I reply.

He sighs.

"OK, but I'm not gonna be nice all the time. I want you so bad, you have no idea."

"Oh, I have an idea."

I kiss him long. He doesn't want to let me go.

"Come on, we got to start planning. We have to do a guest list, catering, cake testing, seating, a dress, and SO much more!! We gotta go!" I say to him.

Harry sighs again.

"Hey the faster we get this stuff done, the faster we can get married!!

Harry's eyes light up. "So, next week?"

I laugh. "Not that soon, but soon love."

"OK, let's get started!" Harry yells and runs out the door to the car.

I follow him, chuckling.

Wedding planning, here we come.


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