You'll Be In My Heart...Forever

Savannah and Harry are engaged! As they get married, everything is alright... at first. When unexpected things happen, will Savannah and Harry last?
*Book 3 of "The Blind Will See" series*


6. The Reception - Harry's P.O.V.


I can't believe it.

I'm officially married.

The wedding was beautiful. Savannah was beyond beautiful.


This has literally been the best day of my life.


After the wedding, we all went to the reception, which was at Savannah's parents house.

I changed out of my tux into some blue jeans and a long sleeved black dress shirt. Savannah changed out of her dress into a knee length cream colored dress.

She looked so beautiful. I just kept staring at her.


"What are you staring at?" She asks.

"You of course." I reply. She blushes.

"Come on, lets go have fun/" I say to her as we walk to the house.


As we walk in, everyone yells "Congratulations!!"  We smile.

"Thank you guys! It's means so much!" Savannah says, smiling.

"Yeah! Thank you everyone for coming!" I say after her.


We go around the room, talking a little with each person. When we see Louis and El, we smiled.

"Congrats man!" Louis says as he hugs me.

"Thanks Louis!" I reply.

El and Savannah hug and talk while me and Louis go talk outside.

"So, is everything ready for the honeymoon?"

"Yah, we're going to a small island I bought. I named it Island Styles. It's going to be the best honeymoon ever!" I reply.

He smiles.

We talk for a little bit more, then we go back inside.

Soon, it's time for dinner.

We all sit down and start to eat. When we're almost done, people start to do toasts.

The first people are Savannah's parents.

"I'd like to propose a toast to my beautiful daughter and her new husband. Savanna, we love you so much. You are something truly special that God gave us. We love you sweetheart." Her father says.

Her mother next to him looks like shes gonna cry.

I look at Savannah. She's smiling. And crying.

Then her mom comes up to say something.

And we better have some grand kids soon!' she says.

Everyone laughs.

But secretly I'm wondering if I'll be a good father...

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