You'll Be In My Heart...Forever

Savannah and Harry are engaged! As they get married, everything is alright... at first. When unexpected things happen, will Savannah and Harry last?
*Book 3 of "The Blind Will See" series*


5. The Big Day - Savannah's P.O.V.



I'm getting married today....

I can't believe it.

The last 36 hours have been so busy with last minute things and such.

Last night, Harry and I had our bachelor and bachelorette parties. They were lots of fun.


I got up this morning and took a very long shower. I washed my hair twice and shaved my legs. I also washed my face.

I got out of the shower and put on my robe. I dried my hair and waited for El to arrive.

After 5 minutes of waiting, she arrived. With her, she brought a HUGE bag of cosmetics of every shade and hue.

She sat me down in front of my mirror and started covering my face with foundation.

After an hour and a half, my make-up was done. Then she started on my hair.

I had wanted my hair to be done like Bella Swan's in Breaking Dawn. It was just so beautiful. So El started braiding my hair.

2 hours later, my hair was done.

I looked at the clock on  the counter. It read 1:00 p.m.

We had 1 hour till the wedding  started.

I didn't know where the wedding was, but El did.

At 1:15, El told me it was time to go.

We got into El's Suburban and drove to the bridal shop to pick up my dress. On the way, we picked up Kaelyn, Randa, and Monica, already in their dresses.

As we got closer to the wedding, El got Randa to blindfold me.

"You will be blindfolded until you walk down the aisle, got it?"

I nodded.

We arrived at the "secret location" and I was guided out of the car.

We walked to the bathroom and there, they helped me into my dress and shoes.

"What time is it?" I ask.

"1:50" Randa said.

My palms were sweaty. I was so nervous.

"Savannah, here." El said as she gave me my bouquet, then put my veil on my head.

Then I was lead downstairs and felt a man's arm on my own.

My father's.

"You ready honey?" I heard him say.

I nodded and he removed my blindfold.

I was at the end of a long hallway with oak floors and walls.

We were all lined up to go outside to the beautiful backyard. Each pair was ready to go. El looked back at me.

I nodded.

She started to move.

She was paired with Louis. Kaelyn was paired with Liam. Randa was paired with Niall. Monica was paired with Zayn.

I smiled. They all looked so cute together.

As soon as El was 5 seconds down the aisle, Kaelyn followed. The same with Randa and Monica.


Now it's my turn.

I grip my father's arm.

"Dad, I'm gonna be sick." I whisper, barely audible.

"You'll be fine honey. I'm here. I won't let you fall." He whispers back.

I close my eyes and breath.


I nod.

The music starts and the doors open.

We walk out and start to walk down the aisle.

I keep my eyes forward, on Harry. He looks so handsome in his tux.

The whole walk down the aisle, our eyes are locked together, never leaving.

We reach Harry and my father puts my hand in Harry's.

"Take care of her son." He says to him.

"I will sir." he replies.

We smile at each other and turn to the pastor.

"We are gathered here together to join this man and this woman. Who gives this woman to this man?" the pastor asks.

My father and mother stood. "We do. Her mother and I." He says.

I smile.

We turn back to the pastor.

"Harry, you may recite your vows to Savannah." the pastor says to Harry.

"Savannah, I had always said that I would have loved to date a fan. When I met you, I never realized that I would fall so hard in love with you. I am the happiest man in the world. I can't wait to start a family with you and grow old with you."

I wiped a tear off of my check.

"Savannah, you may recite your vows to Harry." the pastor says to me.

"Harry, I have always loved you. But only in the last 2 years, have I been in love with you. I was just a fan in the crowd. You have given me so much. You gave me my sight back, for that, I will always be grateful. I love you. Forever and always." i say to Harry.

Harry wipes a tear from his face.

"Harry, do you take Savannah to be your lawful wedded wife, in sickness and in health. In hardships. In love and trial. Do you promise to love her forever, till death do you part?" he says to Harry.

"I do." he says.

"Savannah, do you take Harry to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness and health. in hardships. In love and trial. Do you promise to love him forever, till death do you part?" he says to me.

"I do." I say.

"By the law invested in me, I now pronounce  you husband and wife. harry you may now kiss your bride." the pastor says to Harry.

We both smile as Harry cradles my face and kisses me.

As we pull apart, I rest my forehead on his.

"I love you Mr. Styles."

"I love you Mrs. Styles."




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