This is the story. Of Diana


1. Georgia Rose

I'm Diana. I'm going to NYC today with my family, and I'm a HUGE fan of one direction. I heard on the news that they were in NYC right now. I was so excited. 'DAD WHEN ARE WE LEAVING?!?' We were going into the city today and I wanted to go to the one Direction store. 'HANG ON!!!!' My dad came out of the hotel room with an envelope. 'What's that?' My dad handed me the envelope. I opened it up and inside were two meet and greet tokens for one direction today at 4!! 'Oh my god DAD!!!!!' Then I realized that there was only one directioner here. 'Wait who's the other ticket for?' That's when my best friend, who I haven't seen for 3 years, walk into our hotel room. 'GEORGIA ROSE!!!!!' I screamed. I ran at her and jumped into her arms. It was the happiest moment of my life. 'Well, what are ya waiting for? Let's get ready!!!'

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