71st hunger games

Johanna masons hunger games life


2. train!


I awoke with a terrible ache in my left wrist I jumped seeing two avoxs over me. One motioned me to calm down. While the other walked out of the room.

Soon Juffy ran in I burst into"tears". Looked up at Juffy with my big hazel eyes and hugged her

"I'm scared what happend?" I said.

"Well you see you where luckily chosen for the hunger games but then out of shock you fainted!!" She chirped. I wanted to attack her right then and there but I made sure not to.

"You fractured your wrist a bit. When you fell you landed on it then some idiot accidently stepped on your wrist she had short blinding blond hair and-" "let me guess" I cut her off " piercing blue eyes and a mole above her lip that's Jazabelle blue she is a bi- meany at my school who bully's me " I sad bursting into tears. Juffy looked around unsure what to do she put her hand on my back and rubbed it I wanted to roll my eyes.

"I'd like you to meet the male tribute jack" she said as jax walked in " it's Ja-kss" he said running over to me he hugged me as real tears fell out put of my eyes this was my Boyfriend and best friend. "We can win both of us" he said I frowned " Jax only one of us could win!"I said. " well we'll change that!" He said Juffy left the room. " why are you acting so babyish " he said straight away I smirked. "It's an act the whimper I act the more they'll underestimate us and leave us alone!" I said

He smiled and hugged me "Good idea but I'm going to be so strong they'll know not to mess with me.."he said.

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