71st hunger games

Johanna masons hunger games life


1. reaping

Juffys heels clicked as she walked on to the stage. "Welcome to the 69th hunger games 2 lucky tributes from this district will compete in this years annual hunger games!!!!"she exclaimed

I rolled my eyes' lucky my ass!' I thought. She showed the lame capital video. Finally she walked over to the glass bowl labeled ' girls' she dug her hand around then finally grabbed one with a slite crease on it. I swear I saw my mom smile it MUST have been a mistake she read out.

"Johanna Mason!" My eyes rolled back suddenly everything went black all I hope is that my boyfriend Jax didn't get picked he is 17 two with big blue eyes and black hair and pale skin meanwhile I have long black hair down to my waist. With light skin and hazel eyes.

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