Alaska ran away from home to keep her father safe, but when she falls for a human boy she ends up putting herself and his family in danger. Will Xavier and Elijah be able to keep themselves out of harms way? Or will the blood thirsty side of Alaska take over?


5. Chapter Four

“Is that it?” Alaska asked. She was now sat in the middle of the room, crossed legged and on the floor. Elijah had placed himself on the desk chair and was facing the middle of the room and Xavier was still sat on his bed looking down on her.

“You never asked about the forest” Elijah pointed out at his brother. All Xavier had really wanted to do was ask things like; was she single? Whats her favorite colour? Favorite animal? All the boring stuff. He didn't bring up the place he found her at all.

“I told you” she spoke up “I was running”

“From what?”

“Everything…” The twins glanced at each other with a raised eyebrow and then back to the girl sat in the room. She was no longer wearing her velvet cloak, she’d hung it off the side of the bunk bed and was now revealing her blue denim skinny jeans and her slightly over sized black owl t-shirt.

“What do you mean by everything?” Xavier couldn't help but ask looking back at the blue eyed girl sat in the middle of his floor,

“Everything I've ever known, my home, my family, my everything.”


“The 25 of December is 4 days away now and I can’t be around my town when it happens,”

“Why?” The twins asked at the same time. Christmas was a big thing for the twins, always had been.

“The 25th of December is a violent time in my household” she said quietly. She didn't want to tell them but she felt they deserved to for taking her in from the freezing cold.

“Violent? Is that why you ran away? Because someone hurts you?” Xavier asked feeling slightly sorry for the girl.

“No, no that’s not what it is… It’s that I’ll hurt people…”

“What do you mean by that?” there was an creepy silence for a few minutes but to the boys it felt like an eternity. Elijah got off the desk chair and sat down carefully in front of her but slightly to the side of his brother so he could still have eye contact on the strange girl.

“Alaska, you can tell us” Elijah reassured her with a slight smile,

“Promise me you won’t reject me, you won’t push me away and chuck me out like i’m nothing…”

“Of course not” Xavier promised running his hand across his heart “cross my heart.” Alaska smile and nodded slowly before giving out a deep breath and sighing quietly to herself.

“My father is the only full human living in my home town anymore” she paused seeing the confused looks on the twins facing beginning to form, “I’m only half human.”


The late afternoon sun streamed through the twins bedroom window and glistened off a red heart shaped pendant Alaska was wearing around her neck. The pendant was a heart shaped blood red crystal with a pair of angel wings framing it and keeping attached to the long chain that kept the pendant hanging just lower than her chest.

“So let me get this straight…” Xavier was now sat right opposite her on the floor with her brother sat just to his right “you ran away because-”

“Because i’m a threat, I ran to get away from the people I care about and to protect them…”

“Yet you allowed me to bring you back to our home knowing you could turn around and attack at any moment?” Elijah asked crossing his arms.


“Knowing you could kill us?”



“Elijah stop it!” Xavier yelled at him “she’s not gonna hurt us.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I would have already done it” Alaska said turning her head away from them slightly “alone in the forest, where no one could hear us, no one could see us. Not in a house filled with witnesses.” The twin boys nodded but Elijah still wasn't sure.

“You can control it?” Elijah asked finally, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I wouldn't say that, I’m like this for everyday of the year but Christmas… Like everyone in my town. We keep ourselves locked away from the world so we can never harm anyone, until my father came along.” Xavier moved himself a little closer to the girl, leaving his brother sat on his own, “he found my mother injured on boxing day, took her back to the town, took care of her and slowly fell in love. Of course he couldn't stay there, he was in danger-”

“But you’re mum got pregnant and he had too…” Xavier said quietly and she nodded.

“She attacked him once, when I was 12… I hadn't shown any signs of being a vampire and we were considering sending me away with him but on my 13th birthday I couldn't go into the sun anymore, and my fangs started to come in. It was then I realized I could hurt him one day so I waited, waited till they didn't expect it and I ran.”

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