Alaska ran away from home to keep her father safe, but when she falls for a human boy she ends up putting herself and his family in danger. Will Xavier and Elijah be able to keep themselves out of harms way? Or will the blood thirsty side of Alaska take over?


9. Chapter Eight

The ground thundered under Xavier’s feet. He was panting, vampires were fast. Alaska’s warning hadn't worked. He wouldn't leave her alone in the snow, even if he knew what she could do to him. Xavier hadn't been paying attention when her body jumped at him and she let out a blood curdling scream. Luckily he was able to push her away from him and he was just able to make a run for it. Every time he looked back her eyes seemed to flash angrier and her pace quickened, he was a dead man running. He had been running for what seemed like hours when he reached the forest he’d met the pretty girl in, it seemed different now it was dark, the snow didn't twinkle or crunch beneath his feet, the trees didn't look as perfect to climb as they did earlier in the day and Alaska. She didn't look as beautiful as she did in the trees. He looked back on more time, noticing that she was closer to him, he went to turn back when he collided with a tree. Groaning in pain he looked back at the creature coming closer to him.

“Alaska! If you’re in there! It’s me!” he panicked as he back up closer to the tree “Xavier!” The brown haired girl growled and the pupil slits thinned causing the dark red of her iris to shine in the moon light. Xavier’s eyes welled up a tiny bit as she got closer, if this was going to be how things ended for him, he regretted not telling her what he thought of her. Not telling her that being a vampire was a bad thing, not telling her that he liked her…

“Get down!” A voice suddenly appeared in his ears, it was a harsh female voice and it came from above him, almost like how he met Alaska but this was different. After a second or two he did what the voice said and ducked, when a women not to much older then him jumped forwards from a branch on the tree and held a small crossbow up at the vampire running towards them. Xavier looked up at the tall women and noticed what she was about to do,

“No!” he yelled jumping up and pushing the dirty blonde to the ground as she released the arrow at Alaska. As the pair fell to the ground the arrow flew quickly through the air and hit Alaska just in the side in the head knocking her to the ground and now unconscious

“What are you doing?!” the women snapped as she pushed herself away from Xavier “that thing could have killed us!”

“That thing is my friend!” he stood up himself and glared at the older women, she stood a few inches taller then him with dirty blonde hair that came down to just below her chin. She was thin in build but obviously strong with blue eyes and a side parting.

“Friend?” she scoffed “it tried to kill you!”

Her name is Alaska, and she wouldn't…” he looked over at the unconscious girl, wishing she hadn't turned.

“And what’s your name?” she asked putting the small handheld crossbow on her belt that was littered with a pack of small arrows, a handgun, silver bullets and a dagger.

“Xavier” he said watching her cautiously as she moved over the Alaska and picked up the arrow she had fired, “Xavier Clifton…”

“Go home Xavier Clifton” she said nudging the vampire with her foot, “it’s dangerous out here”

“No shit” he snapped “I’m not leaving her!”


“I brought her here, I’m not leaving her” the woman sighed and shook her head,

“Celia” she said holding her hand out towards him. He took her hand and shook it,

“I’d say nice to meet you-”

“But it isn't” she finished off for him, making him nod uneasily.

“What are you going to do with her?”

“Kill her” she said moving away from his and towards Alaska again,



“She’s half human, she has rights, you can’t just-”

“It’s my job…”

“So what? You’re a vampire hunter?”

“In such yes” Xavier rolled his eyes at her and moved over to Alaska, kneeling by her he checked her pulse, faint but there.

“Whatever you say Buffy” he snapped quietly before lifted Alaska up carefully in his arms,

“What are you doing?! She’ll attack you again!”

“No she won’t, I’m taking her home”

“You don’t expect her to-”

Her home…”

Xavier felt like he’d been carrying her for hours but in reality it had only been half an hour at least; walking to Moonville was a lot slower than running and it was harder to find in the dark. Celia was following behind him carefully, he didn’t want her to know where Alaska lived but she refused to leave him alone with a vampire again. A few more minutes of intense silence and they were there. At the huge iron gates with ivy growing up the sides and covering the metal shapes of animals on the entrance.

“Open it” he ordered gesturing with his head for Celia to open the giant gates in front of them. She wanted to argue, she was a hunter not a helper. But after seeing the way he was with the brunette creature how could she refuse him. Slowly and quietly she opened the gate enough for him to get though and stepped away so not to be apart of it any further. He sighed and faced the older girl, “leave.”


“Go, back to wherever you crawled from…”

“I-” she was somewhat surprised, before glaring at him and nodding “fine.” she turned sharply on her heel and stormed away before jumping into a tree and swinging from branches to move away from the red headed boy. Xavier watched her for a moment then felt the girl he was carrying bridal style move slightly. Alaska was waking up. He quickly moved himself through the gate and placed her down on the ground next to the stone wall that surrounded the village. He looked down at her as he stood up and smiled sadly at the girl,

“I wish you weren’t like this” he whispered before turning and leaving her. Moving swiftly out of the gate and closing it tight behind him, he took one last look at the brunette before turning and running back to his home.

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