The Hunger Games: Virtual Version

Have you ever wanted to be part of the Hunger Games? Well of course not! You would die! But not in the virtual kind.
Welcome to the Hunger Games: Virtual Version! To 'sign up' as a tribute, designer, or trainer, fill out the requirements from the first chapter. We will then have the reaping, parade, training, and interviews before the games begin.


3. District Two Reaping

Authors Note- To everyone who doesn't get in the games, don't stop reading this movella! There are still many chances for you to enter! Probably tomorrow I will make a chapter with the Stylist and Trainer signups. One per district.


    I tried to control my eyes from darting away from the screen showing the Capitol in all it's glory, to the crowd of children and parents waiting to see who District Two's 152nd and 153rd tributes would be. You never knew what would happen in the Reaping process.

    One minute, everyone could be clapping and cheering for the chosen tribute that had strutted up valiantly. But the next, all of the people in the ceremony grounds could be yelling and sobbing for the young girl who walked up so fear-stricken, knowing that she would never see her home again.

   It was just another thing that piled on top of my nerves as the video ended. It was my first year after all and choosing the tributes for such a high district was quite an honor. I couldn't mess this up.

    "Happy Hunger Games everyone!" I said as perkily as I knew how in the microphone. "And may the odds be ever in your favor. So, without further ado, Let the Reaping for the District Two tributes begin."

    I anxiously walked over to the large glass bowl that held all the names, and slipped my hand in. It felt like hours before I pulled out a slim piece of paper and unfold it's smooth finish the Capitol's paper always had.

    "Angel Murphy!"

    A tall girl with blood red hair down to her shoulders stepped forward. She looked neither happy nor scared as she came and stood up next to me. I smiled brightly at her as Angel stared out at the crowd, specifically at one boy in the crowd.

    He looked almost like her with the same tall figure and hazel eyes, so I figured that they were siblings. I almost felt bad for the two. Almost. But the ceremony had to continue so I reached back into the bowl and pulled out another name.

    "Brooke Halway!"

    Several cheers rose up from the back of the crowd where the parents stayed and a girl with very light blonde hair stepped forward as she smiled boasting smile. She walked up to the stage glaring at the other tribute as if saying, You die first.

   I let out the deep breath that had been kept in my chest all that time and announced, "Your District Two tributes for the 76th Hunger Games!"



District Two's Group-





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