The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


24. when stuff

Chapter 22



I lock the door and run upstairs. "May I know where have you been ?" Suddenly my mom asks. "GOD Mom! You scared the shit out of me ." Watch your language." "Sorry." "Is this time to get home ? Where wyou ?" "I was on a date." I say looking at her expression, that quickly changes once I mention the date. Okay, she really needs to think about her priorities. "Was it with Zayn ?" "Yes." I answer quickly, I'm not really looking forward to say I was with Harry. "Why didn't you asked him to come inside ?! I you know I want to meet him !" "Mom I thought you weren't home. And that would be really sluty of me, wouldn't ?" She just nods in response. "How did you even got home ?" "My friend gave me a ride. The car broke." "You'll need mine ?" "You know I will." "Okay. I'll call May." "Thank you sweetie." She says hugging me. "Goodnight mom." "Bye." She says and goes back to her room.


I take off my clothes and all the make on my face. After brushing my teeth and changing to something more comfortable i trow myself in my bed with my phone. "Hey baby girl." I whisper seductively. "Cut the crap Alex. It's fucking 2:00 A.M. What you want ?" "A ride." "Bye." "Wait." "What ?" "Bye sugar lips." I say and now all I can hear is the dead line while I laugh my ass off.




"Alex." My mom calls me. "Alex your friend May is outside really mad at you. And she's asking you to get up." "She said that ?" I ask sitting up. "No. But taking all the bad words away it's pretty much this." She says and leaves the room. I jump off the bed and drag myself to the bathroom.


After a hot shower and a toast I'm ready. "Took you long enough." "I'm here. That's what matters." I say jumping in in the car. "So, your night must've been really good to keep you up till 2:00 A.M." "Yes, I had an amazing night with Harry." I say excited till I realize May's reaction. "Potter. Harry Potter." I quickly complete. "You're such a nerd." "But you looove it, honey." "You know what I love ? When you don't bother my sleep." "Dear god, get over it !" "Maybe. We'll see after I get some rest." "What you're talking about, you slept like five hours after I called ?" "Still." She sighs and I laugh pushing her. "Sucker." The rest of the ride is basically us singing to random radio songs.


"I'll go get my stuff, okay ?" "Yeah, see you later." I say and she leaves me. And at the moment May's out of sight I spot Harry in the hallway. "Hey !" I shout earning a few glances, so I just follow him. At some point I lose his figure, and I get lost on the crowded space, and I keep looking around looking for him. The bell rings and the crowd starts to fade out, and all I see is the roof stairs door closing. I quickly jog to the door and swing it open. I run up the stairs and push open the last door.


The wind hits my face the same way the light does, and for a second I'm blinded. "Hey H-" I say before I get cut. "Alex ?" My eyes adjust to the lightening and I see Zayn walking towards me."Hey Zayn." I greet him. "Hey." He says and hugs me. "Hey." I say again welcoming his familiar smell. "Missed you yesterday." He says. "Maybe you shouldn't have missed school." "Nah. Maybe you should've came to my house." He says against my neck. "I can't keep doing that thing of missing classes." I say backing away. "Which reminds me that I should get going." I say faintly smiling and stepping back. "Wait, but you're already late." He stops me. "So it wouldn't change much if you just skipped. Isn't that right ?" I look up at him and I have a little battle with myself to chose between staying here with him, or just leaving him. I hate this shit of feelings. "You're right." I finally say and he smiles, and my heart skips a beat. "I'll stay here." I say and he grabs my hand and squeeze it. "You won't regret." He says playfully and drags me to the same place we hang out the last time.


"Why'd you came up here ?" He asks. "Well, I.... I was..... I don't know, maybe deep down I wanted to ditch." I say awkwardly laughing. "Deep down everybody does." He says and I look around. "Is there anybody here ?" I ask looking around. "I don't know. A few people come here, but apparently it's just us." He says holding me closer to him. SO I GUESS HARRY NEVER CAME UP HERE, I think to myself. "Was it too boring without me yesterday ?" "It wasn't the same." I say smiling up at him. "I didn't knew the boys were cool." "The boys ?" He frowns. "Yeah, Niall and Liam and- yeah. Them, Niall and Liam. We had lunch together." "Oh. Yeah they're really nice lads. You should've met us before Louis graduated. We couldn't stay out of trouble." "What's up with Louis ? Like he has a job or something ?" "Oh, no one really knows what's up with him. Like, at least I don't. He doesn't goes to college, but I'm not really sure if he ha a job. The thing is, he's always there when you want some fun."


So we stay like this, talking and laughing, till the end of the first period, and almost till the end of the day. "I really have to go now." "Okay. Bye then. And good luck." He says as I get up. "I still can't believe that you came to school but doesn't even attend to one class." "It's life." He says an I roll my eyes. "See you at lunch." He shouts as I make my way to the stairs.


In the moment I set my feet on the hallway again I spot Harry wondering alone in the hallway. "Harry !" I shout happy to see him. "Harry." I call him again jogging to his side. "Hey." I say frowning when I get to his side. "Why you're ignoring me?" I ask and realize he has his headphone on. "Listen to me." I say pulling them off. "Hey !" He protest. "Harry, talk to me." "Hey Alex, did you know that it hurt ?" He asks ironically. "Sorry." I say giving them back to him. "Where you going ?" "Maybe to my next class." "Where were you ?" "I was-" he starts to say but gets cut but someone else. "Alex !" I hear Zayn's voice echoing through the walls. I turn around and see Zayn coming in our direction. I take a few steps away from Harry. "Alex." He says taking a deep breath. "You forgot your phone." He says handing my the device. "Oh. Thanks." I say grabbing I and putting in my pocket. And for the next seconds the three of us stand in the middle on the hallway in a weird silence. "I didn't knew you guys knew each other." Zayn tries to break the ice. I quickly look up at Harry and he just shrugs. "Because of Niall yesterday we all ha lunch together." He says like it's not a big deal. Suddenly the bell rings and the hallway starts to get crowded. "I'm going now." I say and Zayn pulls me by my waist and kisses my cheek. "See you at lunch." He whisper by my ear, which makes me a bit dizzy. "Bye." I say to no one and walk away trying to avoid people. I think about looking over my shoulder but for some reason I don't, so I just go thought the hallway trying to avoid shoulders.


Now it's lunch time, and I'm just so hungry. After I grab my tray I just walk to our table eating my chips. "Oh, hello there." Someone whisper by my ear when I sit. I didn't choose a spot, I jut simply sat. I look up and see Harry with his typical smirk looking to nowhere. "Hey." I say shuffling in my seat looking down, and I can feel his satisfaction in making me feel like this. I just look around to check if anyone saw anything and go back to eating.


"Hello." Someone whispers by my ear and I jump in my seat. I look up to see Zayn seating beside me. "Hi." I say happily smiling at him, a really different and better reaction then the one u had to Harry. "Guys, what about we go out tonight ?" May suddenly asks, interrupting Zayn, who was about to say something. Everybody agrees beside me and Harry. "I can't. I have to work today." "Can't you like...not go to work." I shake my head. "Sorry." I say. "What about you Harry." She asks. I see Niall shift in his seat uncomfortable. "Harry doesn't like to go out, unless he's getting something from it." Zayn says. "Like sex." Liam completes. All the boys agree, except Harry, who doesn't even bulge. "So I guess it's just us then ?" "I could give louis a call." Liam says and suddenly everybody's talking about it. That is, everybody minus me and Harry. And Zayn. "So you're really not going ?" He asks me. "Yeah. And I'm not really in the mood, you know ?" "What about you ?" I ask before he can say anything. "Not really in mood, you know." He mocks me and push him while I feel my insides tingles.


"So you're going on a date with Harry, or you're actually going to work ?" I'm surprised by Liam in the parking lot. "I'm not a lier." I say really offended, and he readies an eyebrow. "I don't lie! I just happen to hide some stuff from some people." "Okay babe." He says laughing. "Babe ?" He stops laughing. "Erm, sorry. It's just that I haven't talked to my girlfriend for a while." He says flushed. "It's okay." "But you're really not going ?" "Nope. What about you ?" "It's probably end up with drinking involved, and the boys wouldn't let me miss that ?" "You drink that much ?" "Nope, I drive." He says and I a whistle in the distance. "Aren't you supposed to be on the basketball practice? " "What do you know ?" He jokes and I laugh. "Bye player." I say pushing him away from my car. "Bye Pinocchio." "No drunk driving !" I scream before he's too far away.




Suddenly I budge and my eyes get wide open. I check the time and jump from the couch. Shit. The bakery. I run around gathering my stuff to then run to the bakery. I fucking overslept, and now I'm fucking late.


The hole way I just think about and regret every move I made after I got home, which was just take off my shoes and watch tv.


I push the front door open and almost fall in that motion. Almost, 'cause thankfully I'm held back by something, a self - that by the way almost felt. "I'm so sorry Harry i oversleep." I say while I make sure the shelf won't actually fall. "It's okay darling." Someone else answers. "Barbara." I say almost as a question lifting my head and noticing her by the employes only door. "Hey, where's Harry ?" "Hello." She greets me smiling. "He's taking care of my grandchild for me, since I'm here." "Oh. Right. Why you're here ?" "I'll have some people coming over. But don't worry, you don't have to stay here." "I can help if you want." "Well, in that case, I think Harry could use a but of help. Don't you think ?" She asks and I start to imagine Harry taking care of a child. "Yeah, I do." I say holding back my laugh.


Barbara gives me her address and money for a cab, and quickly in in front of a cream color house that you could say snow white lived in. There are two bikes and a pink castle in the front yard, and I can hear laughing coming from inside. At least it doesn't sound like someone is dying. I knock on the door and I can hear a few footsteps telling me that someone was coming. The door opens and I see a little read head girl, probably five or six years, with her bangs sweaty and a princess dress. Suddenly she starts scream "She's here ! She's here !" I manage to hear. She grabs my hand and pulls me inside. I shut the door close and follow her. "Harry !" She screams and jumps on top of a frowns Harry with a princess crown. "Your princess is here !" She says and I chock on my own saliva. "What ?" "If you don't want to play this we can be a family, you're mommy, he's the daddy and the princess." She says and a little boy enters the room. "I don't want to play this game anymore." He whines. "You can be the dog Sean." She says and the little boy starts to cry. "I don't want to be the dog. I'm not a dog." He cries. I get closer to him and grab his little hand. "You don't have to be the dog okay ?" "But Lilly said." He says and trows himself in my arms. "We can play something else okay? Don't cry." I almost beg him. "Can we play a game ?" He sniffles "Yeah, whatever you want." "Puzzles !" He screams and run away like nothing happened. I get up and Harry appears behind me. "Hey." I say. "Thank god you got here." "Really ?" I ask looking up at him. "I thought you were having a really good time." I say pointing to the shiny crown on the top of his curls. I'm surprised with his sudden rough movements and within seconds I'm pressed against the wall. "That's not like you're supposed to talk to daddy, princess." He whispers and I can almost fell my body collapsing. "Harry." I try to say but it sounds almost like a moan. "The kids." I say and he smirks. "They can watch." "Harry!" I say pushing him off. "That's sick. And never say that again." I say walking away. "Where you going ?" "Probably Sean's room." "What am I suppose to do with the little girl ?" "I don't know maybe be her princess." I say laughing and opening a door with a drawing of a ball on it.


"Woah." I say when I spot the little boy on a plastic table with a hundred pieces puzzle. "How old are you ?" "Four." He says proudly. "This is a big puzzle isn't ?" "Yeah, but Lilly can't put it together. Mommy says she doesn't has patience I have." He says while he picks random pieces and put it on the big puzzle. I seat beside him and watch more then help, mostly because he's doing really good on his own.


After a few minutes he's finished and gets up to get another one, when I hear a cry. "God." I whisper before I leave Sean alone to help Harry. When I get to the living room I see Harry with Lilly on his arms and paying attention to each word she spoke. They talked silently, so I couldn't hear what they saying but the whole picture warmed my heart. They hugged and looked up at me. Lilly smiled but Harry just looked back down. She whispered something to him an he got up. "I'll let you ladies talk." He says and walks away. "Hey, what's the matter sweetie?"I ask as I approach her. "I fell." She says showing me her scratched knee. "How ?" She giggled and shook her head. "It's a secret." "Why?" "Because your prince said so." "Who told you he was my prince ?" I question. "Babs." "Babs?" "Yeah, my grandma." "Barbara ?" "Yes." "And she said Harry was my prince ?" I ask already wondering what exactly she knew and how. "No. She said you were a 'coup'. But I didn't knew what that was so asked what that was, and she said that's when two people like each other very much, and are together." "Oh, you mean couple ?" I ask and she nods. "So I asked if that's the same as a princess and a prince." "And what would that be ?" "When a princess finds a perfect Prince Charming and they spend the rest of their life's happy, because they found each other." "How old are you ?" I ask, amazed with her idea of a relationship. "I'm five and Sean's three." "He told me he was four." "He lied." She says getting up. "Why would he do such thing?" "Because he thinks he got older on the New Years. But he didn't." "But-" "I don't want to talk to you more." She says leaving me alone. What a brat.


"So," Harry appears in the hallway. "What did you ladies talked about ?" "You." "Really." He asks. "Yeah. She kept saying you're my prince." "Yeah, she said the same to me." "She should stop stop with that." "Why ?" "'Cause you're not my prince." In a swift movement Harry has me pressed against the wall. Again. "Are you sure ? Princess." He adds grinning. "As far as a know." I mock him. He smirks down at me and brushes his lips against mine. "Do you want me to do something about that ?" "I don't know." I say still in a mocking tone holding his broad shoulders. He slides his lips down my cheek till me neck and presses his lips there, hitting a weak spot. In sends he ha me in his arms without an attitude now. "Still unsure ?" He asks and presses himself harder against me, and I just hold myself tighter onto him. He presses his hands under my tights in a motion for me to jump, and within seconds my legs are laced around his hips. "Harry." I say intending to stop him, but with no success, since it sound more like a plead for him to keep going then the opposite. "Harry !" Someone screams in another room. We immediately breakaway from whatever we were doing and I get off of Harry. I hear my back slamming against the opposite wall to where Harry is and Lilly appears in the end of the hallway. "C'mon Harry. In waiting for you." She beams and he looks at me and I just laugh. "I'm coming." He says and leaves after her.


"Hey, what you're doing ?" I ask Sean when I enter his room. "Waiting you." He says looking up. He frowns and tilts his head to the side. "Why you're pink ?" "Pink ?" "Yes." He nods. "Your cheeks are pink." He says pointing at his own. "I'm not pink." "Yes you are." "It's hot." "Not it's not." He sing songs. I show him my tongue and he chuckles. "You're funny." "You're too." I say smiling.


I don't know how long after, but at some point Barbra got home and May called me crying - literally - for help. What happened ? I don't know. All I was informed was that I was needed at Louis' house immediately. "Harry I need a ride." I say taking his attention from Lilly. "What ?" "Please. Can you take me to Louis' house ? Like, now." I say hurriedly. "Yeah." He says a bit confused. "Barbara, we're leaving !" I scream as Harry opens the door. "Already ?" She asks and I just look outside, and it's already dark. "Yeah. See you next week." I shout. We rush to Harry's car and we head to Louis'. The whole way passed by in a flash, since my thoughts are full of worry. May never did this to me. Never maid me this scared because something bad might have happened.


When we arrive at Louis house I jump out of the car even before Harry's fully stopped. I storm to the porch and knock on the door till someone inside screams "it's open". I push it the door enter the house. "Where's May ?" I ask to nobody specifically. "In the kitchen." I rush to where I thought to be the kitchen. And there was May sitting in the fucking counter smiling happily at Niall. "Maylee. What. The. Fuck. Is fucking happening here ?!" I scream. "Alex !" Se cheats happily. Way too happy. "What happened ?" "When ?" She alas confused. "You called me. You said you needed help. I came here. I was worried." I say quickly almost drowning on my own words. "Oh." She says and giggles to herself. "I don't remember." She says jumping off the counter and getting a beer that was next to her. "But now you're here." She says walking toward me. "An that's wall that matters." She continues tangling herself on me. "I'm done with this shit." I say harshly, really pissed off with drunk May. "Hey, let's go play truth and dare." Louis says entering the kitchen. "No. I'm leaving." "But you just got here." He says sliding his arm around my shoulders. "Stay a bit longer. Then you can leave." "Aren't you a bit old to be playing truth an dare ?" "The girls asked for it. I'm just a great host." He shrugs.


He leads me bak to the leaving room and there's already a little circle on the ground and apparently everybody was at least a bit drunk. "Harry, come here pal." Louis calls him. Harry just shakes his head and stay on his spot on the couch. "C'mon wanker." Louis says grabbing his arm and dragging him to the circle. I end up siting beside May and a girl I've never seen. And right across me was Harry, Zayn and Louis. "Are you coming Liam ?" Niall asked. "Only if there's no boys kissing." "Fuck, I thought this was going to be my chance with Zayn, Liam !" Louis shouts. Everybody laughs and Liam seats somewhere between the boys and us.


I wasn't really paying attention to the game. My mind was too busy with the fact that I didn't want to be here, so I was really caught off guard and I heard my name, snapping me out of my thoughts. "What ?" I say trying to remember who called me. "Truth or dare ?" Said a boy that made me scared the fact that he knew my name. He had the vide he was one of Louis' friends, with the ripped jeans and band shirt. I had to control bit urge to snap him and ask who he was. "Truth." I say looking him in the eyes. I wasn't really on the mood to kiss someone nor take my shirt off. He looks around the circle before looking back at me. "How many mouths in here have you made out with ?" He asks and lifts an eyebrow. This was supposed to be ease, first cause it's just a game, second I can always lie. But the moment my eyes met Harry's and then Zayn's I just couldn't make a proper answer. "So ?" He asks and I open my mouth but what I hear is not my voice, but drunk May's. "Obviously two." She says and I froze. "Zayn and me." She says smirking and I almost slap myself. "Well, I think we all know what's going to be your next dare, don't we ?" Louis says and all the drunk people laugh, and that was, mostly everybody.


I guess the boy is satisfied with Mays answer 'cause after Louis' comment the game goes on. Once again, I'm. It paying attention to it. But this time it's because I'm too busy thinking about the half smirk and half smile Zayn gave me when May said he was the one I kissed. And bothered too because of the glimpse I had of Harry's eyes that I still don't know if was hurt or anger. Sometimes I watch them dare someone or be dared too.


But of corse, at some point it was going to be my turn again. And all I know is that I was asked and then I panicked and the word dare sloped out of my mouth unconsciously. I look up and see a smirk in Louis' face, and it hits me like a brick, and the only thing I can think is fuck. "I want you, to spend 7 minutes in heaven with M..." I was already slapping May's face for her comment. "Me." He says proudly.


I just sit there, staring at him, with my mouth agape, trying to process the dare. "What ?" I ask and he gets up. "Shall we ?" He says extending his hand for me. I accept his hand, and the he leads me to another room.


Still a little bit shocked I hear him close the door behind us, and suddenly it's just the both of us. I start to take deep breaths, nervously. He stands in front of me, and stares at my figure. Then he starts to move closer to me till he can touch me. He caresses his hand trough my cheek and then starts to kiss me. I don't do anything, 'cause I don't know what to do. I don't kiss him back, and my hands stay clenched in my sides. I can feel his tongue going in and out my mouth and my eyes squeezing shut.


Once he realizes I'm tense he backs away. "What's the matter ?" "I don't want this." I say trying to control my voice. "It's okay. But I really wanted to have a little taste of your kiss. So, what's if you kissed me like I was Zayn and then we" "Is that okay for you ?" I just nod, wanting to end this as soon as possible. He takes a spent further again and within seconds his lips are present against mine.


He starts to kiss me, an I kiss back. There's no feeling. It's just a kiss, nothing big. But then his hands are on my hips and he gives the same squeeze that Harry does, and I hold onto his shirt just like I do with Harry, and the way his mouth move reminds me of Harry and.... Suddenly we're pacing towards the wall, and he squeezes my boob. I open my eyes and step back, bumping into the wall and making a loud noise. "You said just a kiss." I say in a loud whisper. "I know, I'm sorry." He says and I can feel the regret on his voice. "It's just that you started to pull on my shirt and started to kiss me more I don't know. I just thought you changed your mind." He says adjusting his wrinkled shirt. I stare in agape at him once again and I just nod, again. "It's okay, I guess it's my fault." "Do you wanna seat and talk now ?" He asks pouting to the bed. "Just chit chat ?" "I ask. "Just chit chat." He smiles at the words.


He seats in the bed and pats the spot beside him. I sit and start to think about what's been on my mind since I met him, but before I can say anything he speaks. "So, how's Barbara ?" He surprises me. "You know Barbara ?" "Yeah, of corse." "But I thought... Harry said.... but...." "Me and Harry. We were really good friends. But then I graduated, and well, the jocks did no good to him." "Wait." I cut him and he looks at me curious. "How do you know I know Barbara." "Oh. Well, you seem, i used to go there to meet Harry, he wasn't there, but you were." "I already had seen you at school, and I thought sooner or later you would meet." "And how you know we've already met ?" "Seriously ?" "Yeah, that was a dumb question." I say shaking my head. "Well, I saw Harry's reaction to you, and well there's obviously something going on." "Why do you mean with 'obvious' ?" "It's like there's something around you two when you're together." "But nobody can know. Especially May. Please." "I won't don't worry. But it wouldn't surprise me if like, Liam already knew." "He does." I say like I was just defeated. "No wonder." "And Zayn, he can't know too." "Don't worry, he's too dumbly blindly in love with you." I stop and stare at him. That's not right. But I can't make the words come out I just keep opening and closing my mouth. But Zayn doesn't love me. "And Niall won't too, he is too in love with your lovely friend May." He adds, and I'm still trying to put some words together.


Someone knocks on the door and I look towards it. "C'mon, but your pants back on. Your time it's over." We laugh and he gets up. "Well, you want to wait then to call us again or go now. "I would tether stay here. I don't really like this game." "What ?" He says in a hight pitched voice. "You're telling me you don't like playing this mature and sophisticated game ?" He mocks and I laugh once again. "Look at the bright side, you just made a friend as a consequence." He says siting again. "Can I ask you something ?" "Yes." "What do you do for a living ?" "Like, how in earth can you afford this parties, and like hangout with this school kids ?" "You thinks I'm weird because of that ?" He wonders. "No. I just don't understands why." "Well, first of all I don't afford any shit, Liam's and Niall's friends with rich daddies brung stuff to show they can." He says bored. "And I used to go to college, but it didn't right worked out. So I dropped out and now I work at a music store." "And the guys....I met them when I was a senior, and maybe, when I graduate I felt like I didn't enjoyed them enough ?" He ends the phrase like he's asking me if that's right. "Cool." "You should come." "Where ?" "To the store. You could bring Harry. More like make him, he never went there. Maybe he thinks I'm actually a drug dealer. I don't know." He says, and once again there's someone on the door, this time there's no knock, there bangs and maybe a few punches. "I already said your time's up ! And it doesn't matters if your not finished Louis !" "I think Harry's jealous." He says getting up. "But that wasn't Harry." "Yeah, but he pissed this guy really bad because of it."


We step into the living room did by side, with his hand on my arm. We walk closer to the circles and he pokes me. "Remember to come to the store." He whispers by my ear before leaving my side. I laugh at his reminder and I see he sitting next to a drunk Zayn and no Harry.


After a few more rounds, a few more beers, and a few more hours, it's midnight. "Time to go." I say to my for the fifth time. "No." She whines once again. "Niall's going too." "Is he ?" She asks like a five years old. "Yes. But if we go first we win." I say sarcastically, but it seams to work. When were at the door I realize the biggest problem, how we're going to get home. "How did you got here ?" I ask her. "I don't know." I sigh in disbelieve. "Stay here."


I look for Harry around the whole house, and finally find him. Lonely in a room upstairs. "Hey." I say instead on knocking on the door. "Can you give me a ride ?" I ask and I'm surprised by someone else answer. "I can give you a ride." I Zayn says trying to get up. "What's he doing in the ground ?" I asks Harry and he just shakes his head. "I was here, and he found me, and he felt. I didn't try to help." He shrugs off. "Here." I help Zayn and he's up ok his feet leaning against me for support. "Let go." He says shaking his head. "Please ?" I asks Harry and he let's out a deep, frustrated breath. "I'll get the car keys."


After we got Zayn and May to the back seat Harry drove out to my house. He had a hard grip in the steering wheel and I kept looking at him to make sure he wasn't going to do anything stupid. "Harry, have YOU drank ?" "No." "Then-" I start to say but he cuts me off. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FUCKE HIM." He screams. "What ?" "LIKE....SERIOUSLY ? YOU COULD'VE SAID NO." He continues to ignore me. "FOR A FUCKING TRUTH OR DARE GAME, SERIOUSLY ?" "HARRY." I scream the same way he is and he stop and stares at me. "We didn't do anything." "Nothing ?" He says and it almost sound like a whisper after the shouts. "Well, we kissed, but then I told him I didn't wanted that, and then we talked." He takes a deep breath and keeps looking at me and the street. "Oh Harry." I say smiling touching his arm. In a quick motion he grabs my hand. "Sorry." He says squeezing it. I place a small kiss on top of it. "I'm sorry." I say, and I'm not really sure why, but I feel sorry too.


"Here we are girls." Harry says parking in front of my house. "Can you help me ?" I ask once I see May's in deep sleep. He agrees and grabs her bridal style and takes her to the couch. "Thanks." I say as he walks back to the car. "Come with me." Zayn shouts out of the window car. I run towards him to make him quiet, I can't take any order disturbance shit right now. "Don't leave me." He says grabbing my arm and tangling himself to it. "But it's late and I have to go home." "Don't you like me ?" He whines and I laugh. "Yes, I like you very much." I say looking into his eyes, 'cause he won't remember this, but I will. "Call me." He says and the window starts to go up. I walk towards Harry window smiling at his jealousy. I bend till I'm the same level as his face. "You know I like you very much too." "Maybe that's the problem." He says looking deep in my eyes. "Harry." I whisper caressing my palm again his face. "I like you, maybe more then I should, you know." I say an he gently holds my face and pulls me closer.


And we kiss. In front of my house. In front of Zayn. And it couldn't be better. I can feel his away of saying he likes me too, and I love it.



Heeeeey cutie. I'm sorry it took me so long to update. Anyway, please let me know if you want me to write the next chapter, cause i don't even know if people actually read this thing. So, let me know, and if you want let you friends know about this fiction, like, favorite and spread it like wild fire ;)

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