The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


12. Too much information

Chapter 11

"The night was amazing." "Yeah, it really was." "Thank you Zayn." I say taking a step closer to him. "No, thank YOU, for agreeing to going out with me." "Well, that was actually really easy." I say most to myself. He laughs and rest his hand on my hip. "This was a date, right ?" "Yes. Wasn't it ?" I asks confused. " I get my end of date kiss ?" "Nope. You already got it yesterday." I say seriously. He seems really disappointed and I laugh. "But you deserve a goodnight kiss after spending all this money on me." I say leaning in. Oh my god how slutty this was ? Well, I don't really care about it after Zayn's lips touches mine. Our kiss starts gentle and sweet, but in a few seconds it gets rough and passionate. "I love you Alex." He says when we separate our lips to breath. He looks me in the eye. "Do you love me ?" He asks and I just shake my head no. I mean, this is our first date, I you can't fall in love with someone this fast. Can you. "You don't." He says and I can see the hurt in his eyes. I open my mouth but no words come out. "I knew this was going to happen." He says and some tears starts to fall from his eyes and I do is watch him breakdown.

"ALEX WAKE UP." Someone that's not my mom screams in my ear. "What the fuck ?" I try not to scream, 'cause my mom it's not a really big fan of cursing. "Good morning sunshine." She says laughing at me. "What you're doing here ?!" "How long you're going to take to get ready ?" "Can you answer me first ?" "Wasn't I supposed to give you a ride to school ?" "Yeah, but why you're here ? At my house ? This early ?" I say sitting up on my bed. "Oh, I was just too excited." "Mind to explain why ?" "You know.....I want to know everything about Zayn." "You're unbelievable." I say getting up and taking some random clothes from my closet. "Give me give minutes." I say and go to the bathroom.

I take a shower and brush my teeth at the same time so I'll go faster. I don't really want May talking to my mom about Zayn. Especially because my mom is probably going to be disappointed for not telling her about him. Zayn. A voice says in my head and u remember my dream, well, most likely nightmare. His face and u didn't answered him just broke my heart. And I keep picturing the tears running down his cheeks. But that's not going to happen. Right ? I mean we're going on a date but it's impossible that he'll do that.

I put my clothes on and run down stairs. I walk into the kitchen and see May with a mouth full of waffles. "Good morning !" My mom happily says. Wow, someone is happy. "Hi mom." I say and she turns back to the sink. "Mom why May is eating waffles ?" "Because I've made some." "No shit Sherlock." I whisper to myself. "Why ? I mean usually in the morning the only thing I get from you is a good morning." "Don't be so jealous Alex." My mom reprehends me. "Yeah, don't be so jealous Alex." May repeats my mom mocking me. I just give her a finger and she laughs. "May we need to get going." I say not wanting to stay to long here to give May a chance to talk to my mom. "Yeah, you're right. I want to hear everything about Zayn." She says and my mom turn around to look at me. "Who's Zayn ?" Oh shit I mentally slap May for that. "Just a guy I....thought May would like to met." I lie and push May out of the kitchen. "We have to go mom." I shout before closing the door. "What was that ? And you're not going to get your stuff before we go ?" "Oh, I'll go upstairs to get them, and you stay in the car okay ?" "Okay." She says and jump in on her car.

"It's everything okay Alex ?" My mom asks while I run to my room. "Yeah mom, just need to get my stuff." I scream so she can hear it. I run back to May's car and she's singing to the radio. "Maylee would you mind stop yelling in front of my house, people will think I know you." "Haha, very funny just get inside the car." She says opening the door for me. "Okay, tell me everything." She says while she drives off of my house. I tell her everything from the moment she left me with Zayn to the moment that we kissed at my doorstep, except for the part about Harry being there. "You think he liked the kiss ?" "How am I supposed to know ?!" "I don't know ? How long took for him to call you ?" "He didn't call me.... Yet." I remember myself and I fell my heart sink down to my stomach. I was so excited with the idea of him calling me that I forgot that he might never call. "Oh." She says. "Yeah, oh." I say. "But maybe he doesn't want to seems desperate ?" She tries to set my hopes back up. "Maybe he tough I was a terrible kisser and made the decision of not calling me." I pessimistic say. "Alex he's going to call you. Trust me." She says and I turn my face to the window. "Why would I ?" I whisper to myself but I'm pretty sure she heard it.

I'm not desperate or anything to go out with him or any other guy, but felling so excited to go out with someone, like I was, and then being hit by reality and remembering that he might never call me hurts.

We stay silent for the rest of the ride, just enjoying the music from the radio. Well, I think she did, 'cause didn't paid attention at all.

"Alex..." May starts to say as she parks the car. "I don't wanna hear it." I say opening the door. "Look, I'm an asshole for bringing the up, but the fact is that your not desperate for the call, remember that." "You're only like this because you felt sad that someone might ditch you, an it's okay, but don't ruin your day just because of it." She continues. "If you're really in need for attention, I can show you how much your wanted." "Wow, you're taking me on a romantic dinner ?" I mock. "No, 'cause I'm broken. But I can show you how many boys want to." She says smirking. "Yeah, the hole school want me, isn't it ?" "Oh c'mon, you know you're a catch." "Hell yeah I am." "You'll see." "Yeah, just show me the numbers, then I'll agree with ya."

"Hello ladies." Jack says as he joins us by May's locker. "Hello my lady." I say and May starts to laugh. "Have you seen Harry?" She asks while she closes her locker. "Nope." Jack says. "He's probably smoking at the bathroom, or hooking up with someone." I say and I fell bad right after. "Or maybe not." I correct myself, but I'm not sure if was because of me or May. "It's okay, I'm don't really hear your mean comments on him anymore. And I think he didn't come to school today, maybe he's sick, or will just skip class." For a moment I wish that it's the truth. I mean it's better if he's sleeping on his bed, alone, then here fucking someone. "I didn't saw him, I think he won't be coming." Jack says. "And how you can be so sure of that ?" "Liam said he tough Harry wasn't coming." "Since when you hang with Liam ?" "Erm....since I've been going out with his cousin." "What ?!" Me and May scream at the same time. "Why you didn't tell us !?" "'Cause I never had the opportunity." "Hey Jack any news ? I think that was a great moment to bring that up." "Sorry ?" "Jack how long have you two been going out ?" "A few weeks, almost a month." "What ?!" We scream again. "That explains why you weren't hanging with us anymore." "Guys is not a big deal." "How you can say that ?" "Do we know her ?" "Is she nice ?" "How did you guys met ?" "You were planing to tell us about her ?" May and I start to ask him all at once, but the bell rings before he can answer us. "You own us answers." "Of course." He calmly answers May while we walk to our classes. "I'll se you girls at lunch." He says leaving us. "This is too much information for one morning."

~authors note~

Here it is one more shitty chapter.

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