The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


2. Only for the chips

"Look this is not what you think it is."

"Serious ? So tell me what I think it is 'cause I'm not really sure what i think about this." " You know what ? You don't need to explain nothing to me 'cause I don't care. But just don't be the asshole you are in school here with me, okay ?" "Erm okay." He says rubbing the back of his neck. After our little conversation only two ladies came to the store, and I did my best to don't talk o Harry. What I said to him was true, I don't want to know the drama about his life nor be involved on it.

After my shift was over I was suppose to close the bakery. "You're going to stay too long here? 'Cause I need to close the bakery." "No. I'm going too." He says and I pick some chips and go to where the cashier should be. "What you're doing?" He says from the other side of the balcony. "buying myself some chips. I'm starving. The last time I ate was at school." "oh." He says he stares at me for a few seconds then he takes the chips from my hands and give me back a bigger size of the same chips. "what was that for ?" "Buy the bigger size." "I didn't brought money enough for the bigger one." "No problem." He says and put some money on the cash machine. "I'm not letting pay for it. Give me the other one." "No, let's share it." "Okay, but you're going to eat it ?" "Yes." He says opening the chips and putting some inside his mouth. "See?" He says raising his eyebrows and handing me the chips. "Thank you." I say a bit suspicious of his behavior. "Don't you need to close the bakery?" He says putting more potatoes on his mouth. "Oh, yeah." I say closing the cash machine and picking up the keys from the back of the balcony. I turn of the lights and lock the door. "Where you think you're going ?" "To my house ?" "With my chips?" "Yeah." "No. Did you forgot ? We're going to share it." "How we're going to do that ?" "We're going to eat on my car." He says and I burst into laughing. "What's do funny?" "What? You were serious ?" "Why not." "Look, you know nothing is going to happen between us." "Why do are you saying that ?" I look him and wait for him to think. "Oh. Yeah, sorry. But no second thoughts. I swear. Only a boy and a girl eating some chips in the car." "Okay, only because of the chips." I say and we walk to his cars. He opens the door for me and I seat on the passenger seat. At the moment he seats beside me I slide down on my seat. "What the hell are you doing ?" "It's nothing against you, it's jut that I don't really like the idea of being one of your bitches." "Sorry, but can't see where you going with this." "If someone see me here, with you, on your car, this someone will think I'm hooking up with you, that I'm one more girl on your list." "Oh, don't worry about that, nobody from school comes here." "Yeah, but you tough that till I saw me so I don't think I can really trust your argument." "Okay, so let's put this way. If someone from school see us I'll beat his ass of." "No, you don't need to beat anyone." I say sitting straight. We eat almost the whole package in silence. "You can keep it." He says handing me the last chip. "Thank you." I say and eat it. "That was great, but now I need to go. Could you unlock the car?" "No, I'm giving you a ride." "No thank you, I can walk home. It's not far from here." "So why I can't take you there?" "Because a) we were supposed to eat the chips, only. b) there are a few people from school living in my neighborhood. c) half of them are girls that you already slept you." "I don't care." "But I do." "You know what, I can't lock you here forever." He says and unlock the car and open the door himself. "But if you don't accept my ride I'm going to follow you." "Okay, do whatever you want to do." I say while I get of the car. "Bye Harry." I say and close the door. I star to walk and Harry follow me with the car, driving really slowly. "You know I can press charge against you as stalking." "You know I just had an idea." He says ignoring what I said. "I don't care." "I'm going to scream 'Alex Henderson I just had the best sex of my life.' If you don't get in the car." I stop and look him in the eyes."You wouldn't." "I would." I don't move. " Ale-" "okay I cut him off." "But I don't understand why you want to give me a ride so bad." "I just want some company." He says and turn the radio on and Love Is On the Radio starts to play. I sing the lyrics to the song till the song is over. "So you like Mcfly?" "They're cute." He chuckled. "No, but serious, I like their music." "They're cool." He agrees. "That's my house." I say. "You can stop here Harry. I don't my mom thinking I'm going out with someone." "By someone you mean me?" "No. By someone I mean anyone. Open the door Harry, or will scream saying you're trying to rape me." "Touché." He says and unlock the door." "Bye Alex." He says when I close the door. "Bye." I say and walk to my house. "Hi mom." "Hi honey. How was your day ?" "The same as always." "Leave the keys of the bakery on my purse so I can give them to Barbara in the morning." "Already there." I say putting the keys on her purse. "Dinner is almost ready." "Okay mom." I say "I'm taking a shower." I scream from my room an go to the bathroom. In the moment the water touch my skin I start to think about Harry. I don't know if I feel sorry or disgusted. I mean he's a really kind person when he wants, but from what I've seen I don't know if he only acts this way for the job and maybe to get me in the bed or if this is the real him. Nobody can truly be an asshole that he's at school and be this sweet guy he's at the bakery. Serious why he needs to be that manhore that the number of the girls he have slept is bigger than then the guys I've, and trust me I like almost every cute guy I see at street or on tv. But anyway, I can't and won't do anything about that.


"How was your day at the bakery ?" "Fine." I say putting some pasta in my mouth. "Your grandma said to me that Barbara was going to leave you with another employee." "Yeah, that's right." "And she also said he was a really polite an handsome boy." "Mom." "What ?! I'm only saying that ..." "You think I need to have a boyfriend ?" "No! I just want you to be happy !" "Mom, most of mothers want their daughters of 17 years to focus on their studies." "I want you to do that, but it doesn't mean that you don't deserve love in your life. You're a really great student , and you know I'm proud of that. But I think you deserve a bit of teen love." "Sorry disappoint mom." I say taking my plate to the kitchen. "But I won't be going out with Harry, or anyone." "So his name is Harry." "No actually is Mohamed but I like calling him Harry." "Your sarcasm is one of your best qualities." ""I know." I say going up to my room.

I lay in my bed with my phone. I receive a message in the moment I unlock my phone.

"We're going to a party. I'll be at yours in 30 minutes. - May "

"No, you are. I'm staying at home. - Alex" a few seconds passed and she called me.

"C'mon, you know that shit happens when I go all by myself at parties."

"So you're not going." "Yeah, you need a better argument to win this." "We're in the middle of the week ? We have school tomorrow ?" "Nah."

"So you're finished ?" "N-" "If you don't go I'll go talk to your mother saying you're sleeping with all the boys from school." She cuts me of.

"Why is everybody sending me blackmail today ?"

"What?" "Forget it." "So, are you ready ?" "Give me five minutes." "I'm in front of your house." "What ?" I say going to my window. I open it and see a happy May waving at me.

"Okay, but if any shit happens I'm blaming you."

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