The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


8. Kiss ?

Chapter 8

"What's the matter Harry ? You and your friend were eating each other's faces out a while ago. Nobody came up to you bitching about it." Zayn says obviously pissed off. "And we weren't even doing anything for you complain." He says gently putting me up on my feet and getting up too. "So, why you're so pissed ?" He spits at Harry, face to face with him, almost like Zayn an I were seconds before. Harry looked at Zayn and then to me and then back to Zayn. He turned around and stared to walk away,and when he got to the stairs he and turned his head and looked to the girl that was with him. "Are you coming or not ?" He shouted. The girl that was with him got her purse from the table and started to walk in the same direction Harry did. After she crossed the door Zayn came closer to me. "I'm sorry about Harry, he tends to act like an asshole when he isn't with the prettiest girl in the place." "Did you just called me pretty ?" "Yes I did." He says and I start to fell my cheeks getting hot. "Thanks." I say shyly looking at the ground. "So, you wanna stay here or go get some ice cream ?" "Let's go get the ice cream." I say grabbing his arm and dragging him to the stairs. We run down the stairs and when we get to the first floor we start laughing. "Why we did that ?" "I don't know ?!" I say and we laugh once again. We walk to the motorcycle trying to get our breaths back. "Let's go ?" He says handing me the same helmet. "Can you wait a second ?" "Yes ?" He says a bit confused. "I'll be right back." I say walking back to the mansion. Run in the first room looking for a bathroom, 'cause God I really need to pee, and I see something I really wasn't expecting for. Harry and his 'friend' shirtless on the room while she gave him a blowjob. I don't know why but when I see it I feel sad. I quickly walk out the room and close the door. I think they didn't saw me. Oh god why did I have to see that ?! And why I was sad about it ?! I mean I'm disgusted but I'm sad too. I run back outside holding back tears, why ? I don't know. Stupid brain that makes me fell what I shouldn't. Yes brain, 'cause everything that you fell comes from your head not your heart.

"It's everything okay ?" "Yes, I just needed to go to the bathroom." "Wow that was quick." "Oh, I was jut checking my lens." "You wear lens ?" "No." "So why you..." "Do we really have to talk about what I did in the bathroom ?" I nervously cut him off. "You're right, sorry." "It's okay." "Ready to go now?" He asks changing the subject. "Hmm, I've changed my mind, well it's not actually that, I just remembered that I have to work." "Okay, I can take you there." He says giving me helmet. "You can't !" I kind of scream. "Sorry, I didn't meant to scream." "It's okay." "I don't need to take me there 'cause I'm babysitting my neighbor's kid." I lie. "Okay, then I'm taking you to your house." "Let's go then." I say smiling an putting on the helmet.

A few minutes later he parked in front of my house. He walked me to the door and we kind of stood there awkwardly. "So thank you for...the evening ?" "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you enjoyed skipping school with me." He says sarcastically. "Don't say it like that. Yeah Harry was a big asshole, but I really likes spending time with you." I say and he takes a step closer. "So would you like going out again ?" "To do something like today ?" "No, to do something different." "Like a date ?" I say looking up to his eyes. "Yes." He says and a smile. "I would love to." I say and he leans down his face so our lips are almost touching. "So now it's the time when I get my end of the date kiss ?" He asks and I fell his breath touch my lips sending shivers all over my body. "This wasn't a date." I point out. He lays his hand on my cheek and rubs his thumb in little circles. "Can I kiss you ?" He whispers and I just nod. He leans closer and our lips touch. My legs start to get weak but luckily he's holding my hips with his other hand. I put my hand on his neck to bring him closer. We keep the sweet and clam kiss till we're about of breath. We pull out a bit and I keep my eyes closed, just remembering the not that distant kiss. "Wow." I hear he whisper to himself. I open my eyes to meet his perfect ones. His fingers brushed my cheek, as he slowly stroked it, slightly turning my face towards his. "You're beautiful." He whispers holding on my hips. I blush and look down. "Thanks." "I think I'm going now." "Why ? You're not sure of that ?" I ask and he takes a step back. "This sarcasm, there's a package without it?" "No. The only one available it's this one." I say and we laugh together. "I need to go to work now." "Bye." "Bye Zayn." I say opening the door while he walks to his motorcycle. I wave at him from the window and he waves back before driving off.

I run up to my room an close the door, and then I just stood there looking blankly at the wall just trying to keep in my memory his smell, his touch, his lips and his taste, not even remembering why I was sad before.

After a while my phone buzzes on my pocket. "Don't forget the bakery." Oh God. "Thanks mom." I text back. Shit. There it goes my happiness thru the window. I REALLY don't wanna see Harry right now. But he doesn't work today, and even if he did, he's probably be with that friend of his. I put my phone bam in my pocket and some money just in case. I close the front door and then I start to walk down the street to the bakery. I try to not think about Harry but it's almost inevitable. Why did he had to ruin the perfect moment me and Zayn were having ? Maybe he's with problems with his family again. No Alex, stop don't make him look innocent because he isn't.

I get in the bakery and I don't see anyone. Funny, 'cause Barbara wouldn't let it open with no one here. I walk to the balcony and Harry appear from the kitchen door with a tray with brads. "What you're doing here ?" We say at the the same time. "I work here every Tuesdays and Thursdays, how about you ?" "Don't you remember Barbara asked me if I could work the whole week ?" "Yes I did." "But it's really a surprise for me to see you here ?" "Why ?" "Well, you were with Zayn." "And what that supposed to mean ?" "Since he was with you I thought he was going to get laid." "Are you calling me a hore ?" I scream. "Maybe." He says looking me straight in the eye. I don't think twice and slap him. "And who are you to say something ?" I scream. "You're the manhore of the school, and nothing explains that, even a family problem." "I knew I shouldn't told you." He says turning back to go the kitchen. "If you're worried that I've told Zayn don't worry, I didn't said a word." I say and he shuts the door. "he should thank me actually." I say to myself. "Why should thank you ? For fucking my friend ?" He says slowly opening the door. "We didn't slept together Harry !" "Yeah, and I believe that." "Why makes you think we've slept together ?" "I saw you two kissing on your doorstep." He hisses. "What you were doing in front of my house ?"

~ authors note ~

First of all you guys are amazing, thank you so much for the likes you've got me. And I'm sorry for not saying that I would have to write the chapter first.

I was wondering if you guys prefer longer chapter or shorter ones. Of course that the longers take more time I be updated and the shorters no that much.

So yeah, that's all. Byeeee :)

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