The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


10. Just thinking....a lot

Chapter 10

"Are you serious ?" "Yes." I say confused with his doubt. "You don't even know half of the girls I go out with ! And the other half you hate." "Harry that doesn't mean nothing. And why you're over reaction over this ?" "Alex how you can be so nice like this ? Most of them treat you like shit ! They don't deserve someone like you to protect them." He says holding so tight to the wheel that I can see his knuckles getting white. "Harry calm down." "They're are all bitches that don't deserve any respect." He says hitting the gas pedal. "Harry slow down !" "They're only live to tell people how worthless they are and make everyone fell like shit." "Harry stop !" I almost scream putting my hand on his arm. He turned his head to me and looked me in the eyes. "Relax Harry." I whisper and I fell his muscles relax under my touch. "Now slow down the car." I calmly say and he does, and slowly the car stopped. Harry sighted and broke our eye contact. "I'm sorry Alex." He says looking down. "It's okay Harry." "No it's not, stop saying that." "Harry..." I start to say but he cuts me off. "Look, if don't want I help me anymore will totally understand." "Why I would've given up on you before even start ?" "Because's impossible to fix me." "Harry we'll work through this, okay?" He nods and we keep looking out our windows. The car starts to move again and I notice he's going back to my house, that we'd passed by. "Thanks for the ride Harry." I say and he just nods his head. "Do you.... You want me to...." He starts to stutter. "Do I want you to do what ?" I ask. "Want me to walk you to the door ?" He asks shyly, wow, this is not something you see everyday. "What ?" "Isn't that what guys do ? I mean, that's what happens in movies isn't ?" He asks confused and I start to laugh. "Stop laughing at me." "Okay I'm sorry." I say trying to breath. "There's no need for you to do that." "Okay." He says a bit ashamed. "See you tomorrow Harry." I say leaving the car. I look back and see him watching me, and he doesn't look away when he gets caught staring at my ass, he just keep the a smirk on his lips. I walk back to the car and he opens the passenger's seat window. "You usually do that at the end of dates." I say and i walk back to my house. I look back one more time to see his face confused probably trying to understand why I said that. Wow, he can be really slow. I just laugh to myself an unlock the door. "What's with the giggling honey ?" My heart jumps when I hear my mom. And I was giggling ? "Shit mom, you scared me." She says coming out o the kitchen. "What your language young lady." "Sorry." "So how was at May's" what ? "May's ?" "Yeah, you were there weren't you ?" My head clicked and I understood. "Yeah, was the same as always. But I just came from the bakery right now." "Oh, I know, and Alex, who's car was that ?" Oh shit. "Was that Harry ?" She asks smirking. How did she know ? "No." I say but it sound more like a question. "Oh." She says surprised and I can hear a bit of disappointing on her tone, oh mom. "Er....a friend from school who as passing by." I quickly say. "Jack ?" "Yeah." "Why he was passing by, doesn't he leaves in the other side of the town ?" Oh mom, why do you make lying so hard ? "He had this thing to do. That's what I remember." "Okay. The dinner is almost ready." She says and I nod. "I'll just take a shower and I'll be right back." I say as I go to my room.

I close door of my room and my phone buzzes on my pocket. Oh my God. It's Zayn. It's Zayn. It's Zayn. It's Zayn. It's Zayn. It's all I think, but unfortunately all I see are some missed calls from May and one message saying "CALL ME!!!!" That was disappointing. I decide to call her after dinner.

I grab some clothes and run to the bathroom. When I fell the hot water touch my skin my body starts to relax. I stare at the bathroom wall and start to think about Zayn. How perfect his smile is, and how breath taking is his face, well, not just his face. Then I touch my lips and I remember how perfect our kid was. I sincerely didn't had a lot of kisses to compare with one, since one was just a 1 second kiss, and the other was supposed to be on my cheek.

While I wash off the shampoo of my hair I just keep imagining his hands on my hips and his curls falling into his eyes and ... Wait. "No." I whisper to myself and I open my eyes. Why the hell I did pictured Harry with me ? Of corse he's pretty, but I'd rather Zayn. Right ? Yeah, that's right.

Suddenly I hear a knock on the door and I jump. "Alex is everything okay in there ?" "Yes mom." "Oh, okay then. Dinner is ready." "I'll be down stairs in a minute." I say and I hear her walking down the corridor to the stairs. I quickly finish my shower and put the clothes u brought with me.

"Is everything okay Alex ?" She asks as we sit on the table. "Hmm, yes. Why ?" I say as I take a bite from my food. "Nothing, it's just that you were taking too long on the shower. Well, I mean more then usual." "Sorry, I was just.....thinking." "About....?" "School, teachers... That kind of stuff." I say and we stay quiet till the end of the dinner. "I'm going to bed, okay sweetie?" "Okay mom. Goodnight." I say while she walk upstairs. I go to my room and call May. "OH MY DEAR GOD, IS EVERYTHING OKAY ? WHY YOU DIDN'T CALL ME BACK ?! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO CALL YOUR MOTHER AND SAY I LIED AND YOU NEVER CAME TO MY HOUSE. I WAS STARTING TO FELL GULTY, THINKING THAT SOMETHING HAPPENED AND IT WAS MY FALT. AND YOUR CAR AT SCHOOL...." "Slow down May. And stop shouting. And try to calm yourself too, I'm okay." "You want me to stay fucking calm ? I was almost crying thinking that some shit happened to you and it was kind of my fault 'cause I lied to your mother." "It's not like it's the first time you do that." "Alex that's not the point. Where you are ?" "At my bed." "How long you have been in your house ?" "Since my shift on the bakery finished and I came home." "And why you didn't call me ?!" "Because I didn't want to." "You little shit." "I know you love." I say smiling just to provoke her. "No I hate you." "But you love me more than you hate me." I say and she doesn't answer. "We're did you go ? Why you didn't took your car with you ?" "I was....I was out with Zayn." "What ?" She says in a high pitched voice. "You heard me." "Where did you guys go ? And what happened ?! Tell me everything !" She says and I look at the clock. 11:00 p.m. "May it's already late and we would take ages, because I know you can't hear a story without fomenting every second." I say but I don't really care what time it is. "Why can't tell me you went out with Zayn Malik and not tell me what happened." "I will tell you. Tomorrow. When you give me a ride to school." "But..." "No but. Goodnight Maylee." I say and hung up, laughing at May, that's probably really pissed off right now. A few minutes later my phone buzzes on my bed. Zayn. It's all I whisper to myself, but scream in my mind. Unfortunately was just May.

"You own me one."

"Sorry, I've already sold my soul for the internet."

After I answer I go to my bathroom brush my teeth an then I go to sleep just thinking about all the things that could happen between me and Zayn.

~authors note~

Hello pretty people :) sooooooooo, I'm sorry for taking too long for update, I really am, it's just that I'm back to school and sometimes I just forget to write. Of course that you guys comments and likes would help a lot, just saying.

I really appreciate none for all of you guys that answered me, and that would be no one, because no one actually reads what I write at the end.

I think that's all. Tell everyone you like and hate about the fiction, like it if by some reason you didn't and leave a comment telling how much you hate me or the fiction :)

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