The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


4. just another day, right ?

Chapter 4

After May and Jack got their stuff form their lockers the bell rang and we walked to our classes. For my luck there Harry wasn't almost having sex with someone against my locker today.

Today my first class was English, and unfortunately May isn't in this class with me but Harry is. I don't really know if this is good or bad. I usually just ignore him. As always he was late, probably he was too busy making out with someone or smoking in the bathroom.

Our English teacher told him to seat, and the only seat left was right behind me. "Hi Alex." He whisper only loud enough for me to heart it. I roll my eyes and don't answer. I kept looking to the board trying to listen what the teacher was saying but some stupid bitch was trying to have Harry's attention. What was funny 'cause Harry was totally ignoring her.

After the class ended the girl literally jumped into Harry what made me fall in the ground. She warped her arms around Harry's torso and started do kiss his neck. He offered me his hand. I accept and get up. I get my backpack and walk out of the classroom. "Meet me at..." I couldn't hear the rest 'cause I was already at door of the classroom, but I could clearly hear her giggle, what? She's like 13 now? I turn to see she walking on her pink high heels in my direction and bumping into me. "Ouch." I say to myself when I fall again in the ground. "I'm going to beat the shit out of that...." I say while I get up, but someone cut me of. "Wait you don't wanna do that." Someone cut me of. "Give me a reason." I say looking who is and I see Zayn. He points to the door of a classroom where a teacher is looking at the corridor. "Yeah, maybe it's not a good idea." "So I think I already saw those jeans somewhere." "Oh, yeah, I wore this last night. I just dressed the first thing I saw this morning." I say looking down at my jeans. "Well you should wear it all the time, it really fits you." "Thanks ?" "Alex." I hear May scream. "I think I should go." He says and walk away. "Oh sorry Alex. Did I interrupted anything ?" She said smirking at me. "No May. We were just talking." "Since when you talk to Zayn Malik ?" "Since last night helped me with drunk May." "He what ?!" She choked. "He helped me with you." "Please tell I didn't said anything stupid to him." "You only told me he is one of Harry's friends." I lie. I'm not actually telling her what she said. "Thanks god." She says. "So why were you looking for me ?" I ask while we make our way to the next class. "Oh, I think I forgot." "Okay then." "You know you and Zayn make a cute couple." She says smirking. "Oh do you think ?" I say sarcastically. "Alex, what's the matter ? Wouldn't you like dating someone ?" "From everything I've seen from your boyfriends erm no, thank you very much" "okay maybe I'm not a good example, but you should considerate it." "I'll think about that later." I say and we enter the classroom. We seat at the back of the room, she in front of me. In the middle of the boring class my phone buzzed on my pocket. New message. I quickly grab it to see who could've possibly sent me a message this hour.

"How's your day going ? - H"

"How the hell did you got my number Harry ? - A"

"I have my ways. - H"

I raise my hand to get the teacher's attention. "Mrs. Henderson ?" "May I go to the toilet ?" "Be quick." She says and turn back her attention to the board. I grab my backpack an run to the toilet. "Ahhhh !" I scream when I enter the bathroom and Harry's inside. "How did you knew I was coming here ?" I say. "I actually didn't. I'm waiting someone" "Who are you waiting for ? You know what, I don't want to know." I say and he smirks. "I just want to know how the hell you got my number." "Er...I slept with this girl and she said she knew you and then I got your number from her cellphone." "You asked a girl my number ?" "No she wouldn't stop talking and then you came up, I don't know how. After we slept she was sleeping in the bed and I just needed to find your number." "Wait was she Kate Garcia ?" She's a girl from school that talks to anyone and a lot. Once she starts to talk to you is really hard to make she stop. "I don't knows actually I didn't talked to her at all." "Wait, you didn't even asked he name ?" "I think the only thing I said to her was I'm cumming." "You didn't have to tell me that." I say making my way to the door. "Wait." He says grabbing my wrist. "What ?" "See you at the bakery ?" "I don't work at the bakery at Wednesday." "Oh. Yeah, but I thought that Barbara..." "I don't work today." I say as I open the door and walk away back to the classroom. "What the hell happened ?" May hissed to me when I got back to my seat. "Nothing." I hissed back. For the rest of the class she tried to make me talk but I simply ignored her. At lunch was her time to ignore me, but after the lunch ended I got her to listen to me. I told her that I just wasn't felling well, and was probably because of the big amount of bacon I ate. She believed so I think everything is okay between us. After a tedious day I got home, and as always the house was empty. I grab a Pringles an go to my room do my homework. A few minutes later my mom calls me. "Mom ?" "Hi Alex. Could you do me a favor ?" "Do I have a choice ?" "Alex !" "Okay mom. Sorry. Why do you want ?" "Can you go to the bakery and get some bread ?" "Why ?" "For dinner." "Why can't you go ?" "Because I won't have time. Please Alex, there's some money on the table. You can buy some candy." "Okay. I'll buy bread for you. Bye mom." "Bye Alex. Just don't all the candy before dinner." She says and hung up. I put my pants on, yes I was without my pants but I'm home and being full clothed bothers me, and my converse. I grab the money of the table and my phone and put it on my pocket. Before closing the door I look at the sky. Dark clouds. I only hope the rain waits for me to come back. I walk to the bakery humming random songs. When I enter the store I happily notice that Harry hasn't arrived yet. "Alex! What a nice surprise." Barbara greets me when I enter the bakery. "Hi Barbara." I say and make my order. "So I was wondering, what did you thought about Harry ?" "He's....a nice boy ?" I repeat what my mom said. "Yes he is." She says smiling. "What would you say if I offered him to work the same days you do ?" "What ? Why ?" I say too desperately. "My grandchildren need someone to watch them at Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I'll have to do that." "But do you think he will accept that ?" "Well, he'll get less money, maybe he can work all the week but that would be too exhausting for him. But working the same days as you he would have your delightful company." "Oh, thanks ?" I say. "Here it is darling she says handing me my bag. "Thank you Barbara." I say and give her the money. "Bye Barbara." I say was I walk out of the shop. I bump, again, into someone. I need to stop doing this ! "Hey Alex." He says ironically ? "Oh, hi Harry." "I thought you'd said you didn't work at Wednesdays." He says angry. "And I don't. I'm just came to buy something." I say in the same tone. "What ?" He asks the same way before. "This is a bakery, guess by yourself." I say and walk away. In the way I start to think about how bad I treated Harry, and I think about going back and apologizing, but as closer my house gets, i start to reconsider it. And he treated me bad first so I don't think what I did was actually wrong.

When I get home my mom is already in the house. "Here it is." I say handing her the bag with the bread. "Thank you honey." She says. "I'm just going to finish my homework and then I'll come down to help you. Okay ?" "Okay." She says while I go to my room. I quickly finish everything, probably answering all the questions wrong but I don't really give a shit about that. "How was your day ?" My mom asks the second I step I the kitchen. "The same as always." "Good to know that you're learning a lot at school and having the time of your life. " she sarcastically says. "Yeah l, something like that." I say laughing. "Mom, can I ask you a question ?" "Of course sweetheart." She says stopping what she was doing and looking at me. "If someone is rude with you, and then you treat this someone rude as he treated you, would you feel guilty about the way you acted ?" "Well, probably yes if is someone I care about." So I shouldn't feel guilty about Harry, 'cause I don't care about him. Do I ? "Alex, did something happened ?" "" "Did you and May had a fight again ?" "No." "So-" "Mom, nothing happened !" I say a little bit to loud. "Now if you excuse me I'm going to set the table for us." I say getting of the kitchen. And in the moment I step out o the kitchen I hear the rain starting to fall outside.


After a long and quiet diner I finish eating. "The diner was delicious mom." She nods with her head. "Thank you." She dryly says. Shit. She's mad. "Look mom, I'm sorry for the way I talked to you. I was rude, and you was just trying to help me." "It's okay Alex. But I just want you to know that if need any help you can count with me." "Okay. Thanks mom." I say. "I'm going to sleep. I'm need to wake up earlier tomorrow." She says getting up. "Can you wash the dishes for me honey ?" "Er...okay." I say and she goes up to her room. God, I HATE wash the dishes, but I think I kind owe it to my mom, as a apologize.

After washing all the dishes I go up to my room and lie on my bed with my headphones on. After a while I realize that I didn't plugged it to my phone. Sometimes I'm so stupid. After 20 musics the rain was falling at my window glass and something hit the glass that's not water. I scream and jump of the bad because of the scare. "Jesus what was that ?" I whisper to myself.

So here it is one more chapter. I think this is the last time I'm going to post before Christmas. So merry Christmas for you :) and thank you for waisting time with my shitty fiction (:

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