The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


7. it's not a date

Chapter 7

Took me a few seconds to understand what he wanted. "Like a date ?" I say nervous. "Well, there'll be a few people from school, most of them are going to ditch last period, but I thought you would to that just to do nothing with me." He says scratching the back of his neck. First I froze at the thought of those "other people" 'cause Harry is probably in this group. But then I focus in the fact that Zayn is asking me out. "Actually I would love to skip class to be with you." "Seriously ?" He says smiling and I nod. "So I'll meet you in front of the girls bathroom okay ?" He asks an I bod again. "Okay, so see you later Alex." "By Zayn." I say smiling as we walk to different directions.

I walk in the classroom and the teacher is talking and writing something on the board. I quickly walk to the last empty seat, right in front of the teacher. "..and let's try not to be late next time Miss. Henderson." He says turning around and looking at me. I stay quiet and suddenly my table is really interesting.

As the class goes by I start to get nervous about my "almost date" with Zayn. I mean, I've never ditched a class before, and the fact that Harry would be there bothered me a little too. I don't even know why I rejected to go with him. Specially after what happened last night, I shouldn't have rejected him like that. I start to fell guilty and anxiety.


The bell rung and the big crowd on the hallway started to fill up the classroom and I was inside the girls bathroom so I wouldn't get cough. I stared at my reflection in the mirror whispering to myself to don't freak out. Then suddenly I hear a toilet flush and I turn around at panic, and Zayn calmly exits the "out of order" toilet. "Hey." He says going to the sink to wash his hands. "How long have you been here ?" "A while." He says. "Is this some kind of spot for you guys ?" "What ?" "Nothing, it's just once I saw Harry here so..." "Oh, well, yeah this is a kind of spot for Harry and some other boys. They come here with girls." He says taking he's phone from his pocket and unlocking it. "Can we go ?" "Er... Ye-yeah." "Is everything okay ?" "Yeah, just abut scared." "First time ?" "What ?" I almost scream. "First time ditching class ?" "Oh, yeah. Is that obvious ?" "Well, or is this or you nervous about me, 'cause all I could hear was you saying don't freaking out." "So I think you you can relax 'cause this is just about the ditching thing." I say nervously. Yeah, it's not a really good idea for me to talk whenever I'm nervous. "Shouldn't we go ?" I say. "Yeah, you're right." He says opening the door and checking if there was anyone outside. "'Cmon." He says and I walk behind him. We run to the parking lot. "So where's your car ?" I say as we get close to the seniors parking lot. He smirks. "I don't have a car." He says and we stop in front of a motorcycle. "I don't know if I can do it." I say taking a step back. "Don't worry, I won't let you go." He says taking two helmets for a secret compartment. "But..." He hands me of them. "Do you trust me ?" He asks looking me straight in the eye. I start to get lost in his eyes. "Yes." I whisper without thinking twice. "So don't worry." He says giving me a soft smile. He sits on the motorcycle and then look at me. "You're coming ?" He asks and I nod. I sit behind him with me helmet on. "You should probably hold on me." He says smirking. "Smooth." I say and we laugh. "But I thing I okay this way." I say holding to the side of the motorcycle. "If you say so." He says while he gives the match to the motorcycle. When we're on the street he starts to get velocity and I hold onto his torso. "Changed you mind ?" He says over the wind. "Yeah, just to be sure I won't fall." I say and he laughs. After a few minutes we stop in front of a apparently abandoned mansion. He parks he's motorcycle close to other cars that I guess they might be from the other people from school, but I don't find Harry's one. I give Zayn the helmet I was wearing and the we walk in. "So you guys break in this mansion to smoke ?" I ask we I start to smell cigarettes. "No, well yes, we kind of hang out here. A time ago we used to go to this pub that our friend had, but he had an overdose and the new owner of the place wouldn't aloud us there. Harry knew this place so we started to hang out here. At first we just smoked but after someone, I think Harry, started to bring girls here this place started to look like a motel." He explain as we walked up the stairs. "Even after he stopped to bring girls some guys still do. And unfortunately some asshole wrote on the mans bathroom that here was a good place to shag. "Did you ever brought someone here ?" I ask regretting the moment after. "Wait, don't answer that." "Actually you're the first girl I bring here." "Are you serious ?" "Why I wouldn't be ?" He asks smiling and putting a arm over my shoulder to bring me closer.

When we get in the roof I see a huge pool and some people near it. "Look, if you want to leave just tell okay ?" He says as we get closer to then. "Okay." I say and we stop in front of them. A few of them were smoking and others drinking beer. A boy who was smoking and looking at his phone was the first one to notice us. "Zayn Malik, who you've been man ?" He asks getting up and walking towards us. They man hug and he notice me. "Wow, who's your friend ?" "Mark this is Alex, Alex this is Mark." Zayn says and we shake hands. "It's a pleasure."he says, after taking my hand to his lips. "Okay that's enough." Zayn says faking a smile and taking me to the group. I chuckle at jealous Zayn. At the table near the pool there was about five chair and eight people. Three guys were taking to each other and drinking beer. In the other two couples were making out. I recognize the boy and the girl from school. But I the other couple I can't 'cause I can't see their faces. "So those two are Ally and Marcus. And those are.." He whispers but I don't hear it 'cause I'm too busy seeing Harry almost eating a girl. "...I think you already know Harry." He whispers to me. "Why ?" "Because of your friend ..." "Oh, yeah, you're right." I say faking a smile. "I only found a chair." Mark says pushing a chair in our direction. "Thank man." Zayn says and turns to me. "You can seat." "And you're going to stand up till we leave?" "Yeah but-" "you can seat." I cut him of and push him in the chair before he says anything. "So now you're the one standing up ?" "No." I say and seat on the arm of the chair. "Do you wanna... Seat on my lap ?" He asks shyly. "Wow Zayn, you're really a catch." One of the three boys joke. "Are you sure ?" I ask. "Why I wouldn't ?" He asks and pulls me to his lap. I turn my face to look at him and I notice the really short distance between us. I look at his lips that are almost touching my. I look up at his shiny eyes and stare at them. All I can think about is how beautiful he is. I know guys are not supposed to be beautiful, but he is. "Ugh, you two going to be like this the whole day ?" Somebody says and taking my attention from Zayn. I look up and see Harry.

~Authors note ~

So first of all happy birthday Zayn !!! As to you too if it's your birthday. And second, why the numbers of likes it's almost the half of the readers ? Half of you guys read it but don't like it ?? Well I'm only posting next chapter when the fiction gets to at least 23 likes. :)

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