The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


23. Harry 2.0

Chapter 21

"I'm nothing." I repeat looking down. "I'm nothing." I whisper, this time shaking my head. "No you're not." Harry says in the same low tone as I did. "Don't cry." He says coming closer and cupping my cheeks. "I'm not." "Yes, but you're going to." He says. "No I won't." I try to sound confident my voice cracks. And I feel like it's a matter of time till I break down.

Suddenly I'm surprised with Harry's arms around me. "Don't be sad." He whispers. "I don't like your sad face." "I'm not sad. I'm disappointed with myself." "Well, don't be. I like that self." He says joking and I smile. "You know, it may be the medicine talking, but I think you should go on a date with me." "Just the medicine ? So I think I should be going out with the doctor not you." He backs away and smiles. "That was awful. Oh my god Alex m, that could make a baby cry." "You want me to go out with you or not ?" "I do." "Then at least pretend that it was funny." I shake my head in fake disbelieve. "So that's a yes ?" "Only if you laugh at my jokes." He frowns. "Then I'm afraid I won't be making it." "Stupid." I say punching his arm. "Ouch. Don't be so rude. I'm paying you diner !" "So, when we're going out ?" "Tonight." He says quickly, like he already had that planed for a week."Tonight ?" "Yes." "I can't tonight. My mom, hopefully, will come home, and I haven't seen her in a while." "So tomorrow." "Eager much ?" I ask smirking. "I told you, it's the medicine." I laugh. "Thank you Harry." I looking at him, and say from my heart.

"Bye Harry." "See you tomorrow." He says and winks at me. I shake my head laughing as he drives away. I open the door to hear some pans in the kitchen. "Mom ?!" I call out and she appears in the living room. "Hi sweetheart." She greets me. She looks so exhausted and tired. "Mom what you're doing ? You should be resting." "Well, maybe because there's a certain lady who doesn't do anything." She says lifting an eyebrow. "Okay, maybe I'm guilty." I say lifting my arms in surrender. "Come here, I can use some help."

We make the rest of the diner together, and after I take a bath we eat.

"Mom." "Yes ?" She says raising her eyes from her plate. "What's the matter ?" "I'm just tired sweetheart." "No. That's not what I meant. I mean, what happened ? Why you're working so much ? You always worked a lot, but're barely home." "Oh Alex, I hope life treat you better then it treated me." "What ?" "Alex, you need to understand that there are problems that you don't need to be involved." "Mom, what are you talking about? I want to know ! I have the right I know why my mother won't come home at nigh, why she almost sold her soul to the fucking hospital she works to." I say raising my voice. "Watch your language." She snaps. "Sorry." I whisper, kind of scared now by her serious face. "Your grandma is sick." "Nana is sick ?" "Yes." "Oh my God, is she going to be okay ?" "Yes, she just need her medicine, that are many." "And you've been working so you can pay it ?" I say with tears on the corner of my eyes. "Yes. Me and your uncle are trying our best." "He's not." I whisper to my surprise. "What ?" "That's why you were mad at him once. He's not doing his part." "He... He's doing the bet he can. His work, his job, he doesn't make much. It's not his problem. I was just ma that day, I shouldn't have talked to him like that." She says shaking her head. "But is she going to be alright ? Can I help in someway ?" "Don't worry Alex." She says giving me a small smile. I try to blink away the tears. "But-" "are you done Alex ?" "Mom." "Are you done ?" "Yes." "So is this conversation. Go to bed now. It's already late." "Good night." I say before living the table.

I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling, waiting for my mom to go to bed. As soon as I hear her door closing I jump out of my position. I grab a coat and make sure my phone is on my pocket. I carefully get out of the house by the window, which I don't really succeed. I fall back, but just a few inches a away from the ground. I get up and walk away from my house.

It's dark and silent. I hold tighter to my coat trying to keep myself warm. A few blocks away I grab my phone to calm him. "Hello ?" He answers after a few rings, a bit out of breath. "Hello ?" "Hey it's me. Alex." "Wait a sec." He says and hangs up. I keep walking around the block, just looking at the houses of the neighbors I never bothered to meet. My phone rings and I answer right away. "Hey, sorry." "Did I interrupted something ?" "No. Yeah, kinda. But it was more like an excuse for me." I roll my eye at him and his player way. "You're so pathetic Blake." "So, what's up with my favorite cousin?" "I'm your only cousin." "Yeah, yeah. Why'd you called ?" "It's about nana." Suddenly her silent, and the only sound coming from the other line was the sound of his steps on the concrete. "Blake ?" "What did your mom told you ?" "Not enough." "Maybe it's all you need to know." "Is that a way to say that things are not okay ?" I say angry. "No." "Why nobody is telling me how my grandma is ?!" "Calm down Alex. And can't you see ? We just don't want you to deal with this, because we care about you." "Blake, you promised me that you would never treat me like a child." I sigh in disappointment, and he does the same. "Alex. Nana is okay. Now she opens her eyes and talk to us, she feeds herself. She's better than before." "Okay. Thank you." I say after I finally get a proper answer. "Promise that you'll tell me if anything happens." "Okay, I'll."


I was so fucking tired. Maybe walking around till 2:00 A.M. wasn't one of my best ideas.

The day started, as always, the same. And as I walked down the hall to get my stuff from my locker I spotted May, and remembered that I would go out with Harry. Guilty hit me like a bullet. "You look like shit." Is the first thing she says to me. Wow, now I'm feeling a bit less guilty. "God, thanks May." I say rolling my eyes. "Don't worry, I bet Zayn still likes you like that." I quickly turn around I face her. "I don't think so." I say. "Actually, I don't really want to talk about it." I mention when I notice she was going to say something. "Anyway, I have to go. Niall asked to talk to me." She says. "Why ?" I ask curiously. "I don't know. Something to do with that project we did." "Yeah, the project." I say raising my eyebrow. "Don't look me that way." "What ? I'm not doing anything !" I say laughing as she walks off. "Bye Alex." "Bye Maaay !" I scream back and she hides her face.

I walk to my first class laughing at May and preparing myself to the day ahead of me.

If I say I know what happened the rest of the day till lunch time I would be lying. Mainly because I slept trough most of my classes. What can I do if I was tired as fuck?

Well, after all my naps came lunch. There's when shit started do go down.

I walked in the cafeteria and saw May and a few guys on our table. When I came closer I saw that Niall was the one by her left, then Liam and Jack. I sit on her right and smile at the others, since she and Niall are too busy talking. "Where's Alicia, Jack ?" "She said she wanted to lunch with her friends." "Oh. So she's too tired of you ?" I smirk. "Yeah, I think maybe all those hours we spent together last night was too much for her." He says smirking back at me. "Hey !" Liam says. "She's my cousin dude. Watch your mouth !" "I'm just kidding man." Jack says laughing and I join him. Liam mumbles something and we keep laughing.

We're all talking when suddenly Jack and Liam stop and keep staring at me. I notice their weird faces and I look at myself to see why. I spot nothing and they keep staring till someone seats beside me. I look to my left, where once May sat. But now Harry was on the seat bedside me. "Hello." He says looking around once he's comfortable. Harry's greeting makes May's and Niall conversion get to an end. "Hi Harry." May says smiling at him, but for my surprise she doesn't jump on him or anything like that. "You've Ben acting weird lately." Niall points out and Harry's turns from bright to a dark aura. He looks at Niall and everybody stays quiet looking at Harry, which makes me uncomfortable, since I'm by his side, so I just look down. "It's not like you know me that well." He says and I smile at his comment, even if it was rude. 'Cause of all people on the table I was the only one that truly knew him. That knew his secrets. "There you go." Niall says smiling. "I'm glad you're back." He didn't took it personal, probably because he's used to Harry's mood swings. I look up at Harry and he's giving me a small smile without anyone noticing.

"Where's Zayn ?" I ask looking around. I haven't seen him the whole day, and I thought that by now he would've showed up. "He over slept, then he decided to stay home." Niall says after chewing his chips. "Oh." It's all I can say. Thankfully everyone goes back to their conversation, but I still feel like something is missing.

Everybody is talking, except Harry. He just sits there and watches quietly. The whole time the only thing he does is sips from his soda can, and smirk once in a while. "I have to go." I say once I realize there's only a few minutes till the end of the lunch. "I have to get some stuff from my locker." I say getting up. "Wait." I look around and see Liam on his feet. "I'm coming with you. I forgot my physics book." "Okay." I say giving Harry a quick look. I can't actually see his reaction, since I only can see the back of his head. "Let's go ?" He asks and I nod. We exit the cafeteria side by side silently. "So, what's up with you and Harry ?" He asks once we're alone on the hallway. I choke on my own saliva. "What ?" I try not to be too obvious. "C'mon, I saw the way you look at each other." "What are you talking about ?" I asks without stoping nor looking at him. "Alex." He says grabbing my wrist. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone, if you don't want me to." Now I look deep in his eyes. "Not even Zayn." He says, and u feel like he's telling the truth. "Not even May ?" "I promise." He says and I take a deep breath. "Look, it's not like we have anything. It's just..." "Difficult ?" "Yes." "It's okay." He says smiling at me. "And if you ever want to talk about it you can come I me. It must be a bit hard not have anyone to talk about something like this." "Thanks." I say looking up at him once more. "Thanks for not thinking I'm a bad person." I add. "Don't worry Alex." "But now I really have to get those books." He says. "Okay." I say and he steps furthers nod hugs me. "Bye." He says walking away and I wave goodbye.

I'm trying really hard to pay attention to the paper in front of me but I really can't. And the phone buzzing on my pocket is a salvation. "Need to talk. - May." it says. I excuse myself from the class and walk to bathroom. I knock three times on the only occupied box. "It's me." I whisper. "I know." She says opening the door. "Hey." "Hi." "So, what's the matter." "I don't want to talk about it." "You just texted me saying you needed to talk Maylee. Now talk." "Niall broke up with me." "What ?" I almost scream. "You weren't even together. Were you ?" "Wait. It's not like that." "Oh." "It's complicated." "Go on, we have a hole math period to kill." "He told me how Harry wasn't going to like, go out with me ? I don't know. He said was kinda of a warning, that I would get my heart broke. But I'm pretty sure Harry asked him to say that." "Why didn't you told me that before ?" "I was busy with something or someone till now. I didn't thought about it that much. Niall tried to cheer me up and I guess I forgot. Especially on the lunch." "Oh, I'm sorry May." I say holding her hand. "The worst is that I'm not sad. Or frustrated. I'm just....I don't know." "Surprised ?" "No. It's just that, I knew that this was going to happen. You know Harry. It's just that I got lost on m fantasies so fast that I forgot about it." I really don't know what to say. I just keep looking at her disturbed figure. "I think it's just something that needed to happen." "You think ?" "Yeah. I mean, you and Niall ?" I say raising a eyebrow. She laughs. "Yeah. Maybe it was." She says smiling, which warms my heart.


Finally the last period ends and I'm free. I'm walking in the crowded hallway when someone bumps on me. "Have you forgot about tonight ?" Harry whispers on my ear and I turn around surprised. "No." I say and he just smirks and walks away. I look around and everybody seems oblivious to was just happened.

I keep walking to my car still a bit disturbed by my little meeting with Harry. On my way home I try to make a list of things I have to do for my date with Harry. 1) hair; 2) make up; 3) search for the clothes I used to go out with Zayn; 4) get my moms heels. Yeah, it's not much. It's pretty much the make up and hair shit that I'll probably miserably fail. Oh, and I can't forget to text my mom I'm going out.

I get home decided to have everything in order but my plans drastically change. "Hey ;)" Zayn's texts me. I can't help bit smile and trow myself in the couch an text him back. And after 250 messages I look out the window and see the sunset. Oh shit. My phone rings and I answer. "I'll be there in an hour okay ?" Harry says. "Can you make it two hours ?" "You have 30 minutes." He answers and I swear I can hear him smirking. "Bye Alex." He says and turns off the phone call. That piece of shit. I say goodbye to Zayn and run upstairs to get ready.

Okay, so after the quickest shower ever I put myself into that fucking dress that's shorter then it should be and some heels that makes me look like a idiot when I walk. And now I'm looking helplessly to the mirror 'cause I don't have any coordination to do my own make up. After a frustrating attempt of make up, which was lipstick and mascara, I just put my hair on all the ways physically possible trying to find something that looks good. "God." I whisper letting my hair down again. My arms hurt from lack of blood. "I think it's good like this." Someone says from my doorway. I scream and turn to see a tall figure. "God Harry. I just shitted myself." "Sorry." He says trying to hide his laugh. "How did you even got here ?" "The door was open." "Oh. I must've forgotten to lock it." "So, you're ready ?" I look back to the mirror. Am I ? "Yes." I say getting up and fixing my dress. I look up and I see Harry's smiles fade for a second. "What ? Is this too much ?" I say looking at his clothes. He was just fancy was I was. And hot. Oh, he looked so hot. "I wore this to out with Zayn." "You wore that with Zayn ?" "Yes Harry ! Just tell me what's the matter." "You look hot. So much hotter then with those clothes you were to go to school." He says stepping closer to me till he's towering me. "Really ?" I say almost as a whisper. "Really." He says brushing his lips against mine. Since I'm n heels I only need to lean forwards to kiss him, and I do it. Suddenly the room starts to get hotter and out hands are all over each other. Till Harry backs away breathless. "We have to go now." He says fixing his hair. "Yeah. I'm hungry." I say and he smiles. "Let's go." He grabs my hand and leads me out of the house.

We're on our way to the restaurant and we stop at a red light. Harry keeps smiling at me. "You know why I didn't said that you looks beautiful like those cliche movies ?" I shake my head. "Because you're beautiful no matter what you where. You're always looking like a god damn goddess." I feel my cheeks burning and shift on my seat. "Thank you." I say smiling back at him. "You know, you really can be a gentleman." "I know." He says and the light turns green.

After a few minutes we're in front of a small restaurant. "It's not that fancy or big, but they're the best in town." He says and opens the door for me. We're greeted by a pretty woman with dark hair and blue eyes, and looking at get figure I could say she was beautiful on her youth. "Harry ! What a surprise !" She says in a thick Italian accent and hugging the boy beside me. "Papa look who's here !" She shouts to a man holding a wine bottle to a young couple. His eyes shine when he sees Harry. "Harry !" He says. He excuses himself and walks towards us. "I thought you didn't likes our food anymore !" "Never." Harry says and sets his arms around me. "Oh, I see you brought a girl ! Finally !" "We have a special table for you." The woman says. "Oh, and I'm Giulia. And that's my husband, Ernie. But you can call us momma and papa." She says sweetly.

She leads us to the back, and then further in to the garden, and it's beautiful. There's a little bridge over some roses and there's a few of those little Christmas lights around the garden lighten everything up. And in the middle of all this there's a little table for two. "You know, Harry was the one who helped us with his garden." Giulia said to me looking around. "It's beautiful." I say even a bit breathless. "Here." Harry says pulling out the chair for me. "I'll be right back." She says and leaves us alone. "So you're a Gardner too ?" I ask laughing. "Barbara asked me to help some of her friends. It took the hole summer to do this." "Well, I think it was worth it." I say still mesmerized with my surroundings. "Yes it was. I always got free lunch." I laugh. "So, you're basically hated by every guy on this town. Wanted by every girl. And loved by all the old people ?" "All girls want me ?" He asks raising an eyebrow. "Just the stupid ones." "I don't think you should call yourself dumb." "Why would I want something I already have total control of ?" I say and when he opens his mouth to answer me but Ernie interrupts him. "A especial bottle, for a especial couple." He says showing of a bottle of wine. "Oh I- " "Especial treat." He says winking at me. "And just a few sips won't hurt anyone." He says filling up our glasses. I look back at Harry and he just winks.

After Ernie left, me and Harry kept talking till Giulia brought us a big plate of pasta and meatballs. "These are the best in town." Harry says and Giulia pets his hair. "It's because of our secret ingredient." She says and Harry raises and eyebrow. "Love." She says looking at both of us. Harry's just rolls his eyes. "We're going to share ?" "I guess so." "Oh what a Lady and the Tramp cliche." I say laughing. Harry take some pasta end puts it on his mouth. "Want some ?" He asks leaning on over me and I push him away. "Asshole." "Bitch." "Dickhead." "Here have some meatball." He says shoving a fork in my mouth. Before I can think of any comebacks am drowning on the perfect taste of meat. "Oh my god." "It's not usually putting this meat on a girls mouth that makes her moan." "This is the bet you can do Harry." I say patting his holder. "We'll see."

"Thank you so much." I say again to the couple in front of me. "Don't worry darling. Anything for such a pretty girl and our Harry." She says holding my hand. "Please make him bring you here more." Ernie says. "I will." I say looking at Harry. We say our goodbyes and me and Harry leave. "They're going to be so devastated when they her we're not actually a couple." "Don't say that Harry. You're making me feel even more guilty for them not letting us pay the diner. "Oh, if it'll make you feel better you can pay me." "Fuck off Harry." I say pushing him. "You can do that to the driver." "Too bad I already did." I say doing it again. We stop at a red sign and out of nowhere I remember something. "Harry, can I ask you something ?" "Yes." "Did you dump May to go out with me ?" "No." "Don't lie to me. We talked." "I'm not lying." "But she said Niall told her-" "Wait Niall spoke to her and suddenly I was the one to dump her ?" "She said it was." "I'm going to kill Niall." "Why ?" I ask confused. "That fucking Irish asked about how was stuff between me and May. I said it was nothing serious, I mean we just kissed a few times and we went out, but nothing serious." "So you think he likes her ?" "No. I'm pretty sure."

"So now is when you walk me to the door." I say looking at Harry. We parked in front of my house and I noticed that there was nobody home. "So you're inviting me inside ?" "No. I'm telling you what to do." I say and he impatiently opens his door and comes to my side to open mine. "Miss." He says offering his hand and I laugh. I accept his help and we walk to the doorstep. "So now I get to go inside ?" "Still no." "I should've had taken the chance when I had it." He says taking a step closer. "I guess I'm just a fool to have tried to be a gentleman and not ruin all your hard work." He says running his fingertips up and down my arms, leaving goosebumps behind his way. "I guess." "God would've ruined you." He says and takes the last movement needed and connects our lips. We break away from the kiss and my hands are now on his messier hair, and his are on my hips. "Still no ?" "Bye Harry." I say pushing him away. "Goodnight Alex." He says laughing. "Goodnight Harry." I say and he turn around he smirks before he's back on his car driving away.

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