The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


20. going on a date

Chapter 18

"Who's this car ?" "My cousin's." "Oh, that makes me fell better about the bra in the backseat." "What ?" He says trying to turn around to see it. "Do you think he'll mind if I keep it ?" He laughs. "I don't think so."

We keep talking, till we get closer to the center. The streets were more crowded, and the buildings were bigger. We suddenly stop in front of a big restaurant, surrounded of expensive cars. Zayn parks the car and quickly jumps off and comes open my door. "Thank you." I say and he holds my hand. "Malik." He says to the woman from the restaurant, and she guides us to our table.

Our seats are in the corner, where wasn't too loud. We seat in front of each other, and he smiles at me. I then look around and see a few people looking at me disapprovingly and I start to get self conscious with it. "What's the matter ?" Zayn asks. "Nothing, it's just that....people are staring at me." I say looking down at myself. "I'm sorry, this was they most fancy thing I had on my closet." "Alex. Don't be sorry, there's nothing wrong with the way you're dressed. If they have a problem they can talk to me." He say smiling at me. "Okay."

The waiter gives us the menus and I almost spit the water in my mouth when I see the prices. "Zayn, this is...way too expensive !" "Don't worry, that's my problem tonight." He says smiling at me. "But...." "You're going to order yourself, or I'm going to have to chose for you ?" "I'll chose." I say like I child.

After all I ask for a plate that's too hard to pronounce, with vegetables and meat. "Do you come here a lot ?" I ask looking around. "No. I usually come to Christmas. My grandma really likes here. She says that we need to be classy for at least once in the year." "My grandma think that all we need to be together, she doesn't really like crowded spaces." "My other grandma thinks the same. What about your other grandma ?" "I never met my other grandmother." "She died before you were born ?" "I've never been introduced to her, neither to my dad." I say calmly, but he seems kind of shocked, and with pity of me. "I'm sorry Alex." "Don't be Zayn. It's not like I want to meet the man that said he didn't want anything with his still unborn child." "And my mono said he wasn't that pretty." I joke to light up the mood in the table and he smiles again. "So your mom must be really pretty to make someone like pretty as you." I fell my cheeks flush, and I look down, maybe that way he won't notice that I look like a tomato.

Luckily the waiter brings our food, an we change the subject. After that we talk about his family and a few other things. And the whole time he's smiling at me, taking the breath of my lungs.

After we finish the desert he paid for our food, even tho I insisted that we would at least share, he wouldn't let me pay.

"Did you like the diner ?" He asks when we enter the car. "Yes. The food was wonderful." "I'm glad you liked." He says and starts the car. "So...I was thinking, since nobody said anything about the time you should get home I have somewhere else to take you." "Really ? Where would that be ?" "Not far from here." "Let me guess, you're not going to tell me ?" "Yes." "Tell me Zayn. I wanna know where we're going !" "You'll see." I whine in disappointment and he laughs at me. "Zayn, are you taking me to a bank or something like that ?" I ask when we enter one of the principals avenues of the city, where most of the buildings are huge, and commercial. He laughs like he was expecting my question. He turns on the left and we enter a garage. He goes up till the last floor. "Here we are." "You wanted to show me a few expensive cars ?" I ask when we jump off of the car. "Just come with me." He says after grabbing a blanket of the car. I ignore it. I already made a lot of questions.

He walks in my direction and grab my hand. He drags me to the elevators and he presses the last button, 25th floor.

The whole time he holds my hand. I don't really know what to do, so I just keep looking at the small screen showing the floor we're at.

We're so close right now, that my hand starts to sweat. And I wonder if he notices it, praying that he does not.

Once we get to the last floor he walks directly to the staircase. "I know that you're on heels, but the only way up is by the stairs." He says while we climb it up. "It's okay. Since we don't go up 25 floors it's alright." I say and he laughs. "Zayn where are you taking me ?" "I ask. "There's something I want to show you." He says turning his head and smiling at me.

Finally we reach the end, and I can't see how cloud be any other floors, which I was thankful for. "Close your eyes." "What ?" "Just close them Alex." I do as I am told and he pushes me outside. I shiver at the felling of the cold air of the night. "Open them." He whispers by my ear from behind me, which makes me shudder.

I slowly open my eyes to see one of the prettiest views I ever saw. The sky was dark, and the city lights were shining like stars.

"Woah. It's....beautiful Zayn." I say turning to him, and see his eyes glued to me, studying my reaction. "You're beautiful." He says and I realize how close we are. I don't answer him. I don't know what to say. It's not like I'm thinking a lot right now. The only thing that comes to my mind its his lips.

I look up at his eyes one more time before I pull him by his neck and our lips touch.

His kisses are always sweet and calm. Basically the opposite of Harry's. But still perfect.

His thumb made small circles at my hip and my right cheek, and my legs were weak. My hands rested on his shoulders, with a hard grip, like my life depended on it.

We break away from the kiss. It takes a few seconds till I'm able to speak. "This is definitely the best date ever." I say still gasping for air. "I'm glad your enjoying it." He smiles and kisses my cheek. "You're the one that's making it wonderful." He says and let go of my hand. He grabs the blanket of the ground. "Wanna sit with me ?" He says unfolding the blanket and showing me that there was actually two of them. "Yeah." Is all that comes out of my mouth. He sets one of them in the ground and sits on it. The other he puts around him and calls for me to seat next to him. I fell butterflies in my stomach. I take of my heals and seat right by his side.

Perfect. Everything is perfect right now. The city. The boy next to me. This night. And everything only hear better when he puts his arm around me and starts singing sweet melodies by my ear.


"Alex." I hear a raspy voice call me. "Hmm." I respond. I don't want to wake up. "Alex." The voice calls me again. "What." I say grumpily sitting up. "Good morning beauty." Zayn says. Shit. I must look like crap. Quickly I start to try to untangle my hair. He just laughs at me. "Don't say anything okay." I say and he keeps laughing. "Okay, okay." He says and I look around. We're still on the roof. And the sun haven't raise yet. "We're living ?" "No. Well not right now. I thought since we stayed till now, we could wait a bit more." "Why ?" I asks and he point to the horizon. "The sunrise." He says and I look to the pink and orange sky. He gets up and offers me help. I get up on my bare feet and walking to the edge. The streets are empty, and there's still a few lights on here and there. And the sun light passing through the builds.

"I guess this is going to be not the best, but the longest date too." I say and Zayn laugh. I hear his steps as he walks in my direction. "Sorry if you get grounded for getting so late at home." He says holding me from behind. "Or early." "Yeah." He says resting his chin on my shoulder. "I only hope my mom doesn't think that anything happened. I'm scared to have her lecturing me about sex." He laughs and I join him.

After the sun was totally visible we decided to leave. "Are you sure you don't want to eat breakfast first ?" He asks one more time as he parks in front of my house. "Yes. But thank you anyway. Maybe a next time. When my mom knows I'll won't be home for almost 12 hours." "Okay then." He says and we jump of his cousin's car and he walks me to the door. "Thank you for the best date ever Zayn." I say smiling at his perfect features. "And I'm sorry, but you're not getting your end of date kiss." "Can I ask why ?" "'Cause I woke up in a roof and I didn't had my toothbrush." I say and he rats his hands on my hips. "Are you sure ?" "Yes. That would be disgusting Zayn. Don't be so eager." I say and laugh. "Okay. If you say so." He says and kiss my cheek. "Now you owe me one." "Bye Zayn." I say kissing his cheek too and opening the door. He glances at me on more time and goes to his car.

I try to get upstairs the quieter as possible. As I enter my room hoping to find May somewhere but she's nowhere to be seen. I search for clothes more comfortable, and after I found them I close my wardrobe door, but unfortunately it was too harshly, making a loud noise. "Shit." I whisper. I probably woke my mom up. I put my shirt over the dress and jump under the covers. I close my eye and pretend to be asleep, as I hear quick footsteps in the hallway.

My door swings open and hits the wall. "Alex !" May almost screams. "Don't pretend you're sleeping bitch, I know you just got here." She says and I open my eyes. She's dressed in the same clothes a she was when I left. "Where were you ?" "Where I was ?! Where you were ?!" I don't know if she's pissed or scared of why happened. "With Zayn." I say calmly. "Till now what...."she starts but suddenly stops. "oh my God. Don't tell me you guys had sex !" "We didn't." "Then...." "He took me to see the city. We fell asleep. And we woke up now. He dropped me here. And no sex. Just a few kisses." I say and she opens her mouth to say something but I hear my moms voice. "Good morning girls." She says and I freeze. Did she knew that I just got home too ? "I have to leave now. I'm sorry I didn't spoke with you when I got home, I was just really tired." "Okay mom." I say and she leaves. So she doesn't know.

After I changed my clothes and brushed my teeth, that was the fucking reason why I didn't kissed Zayn today, we went to the kitchen to eat something. Of corse May begged me to tell her everything that happened. Well, everything less where exactly he took me after the diner. I wouldn't tell her our place. At least it felt like it was our place now.

After I told her about my date I made her talk about Niall.

"Alex there's nothing really to say. I mean, yeah we kissed, but after he acted like nothing happened." "Have you talked to him ?" "No. But what should I say ?" "And, people kiss all the time. It isn't a big deal." "Did it felt like a normal thing ?" She sights and puts her head on her hands. "No." "Okay then." "Alex, what are you going to do ?" "Talk to him." "No !" Her eyes wide. "You can't do that ! What you're even going to say ? Hey my friend, that one you kissed, wants to hook up again." "No May." I say. She's so dramatic sometimes. "Then what ?" "I don't know. But I'll think something up." "No Alex. Don't do that. I'll talk to him. But please don't do anything that would make get mad." "Can't promise anything, but I'll try."

We finish our breakfast and do the dishes. May decides to go home, but just to get some stuff. While he was out I just watched tv and ate ice cream.

"I can't believe you are all the good stuff in this house." I say when she's back. "I didn't !" "Yes, you did. That's why there's only ice cream." "That YOU ate what was left." "That's not true. I saved a bit for you." "I say handing her a spoon with ice cream." "Really kind of you." She says sarcastically. "But I'll forgive you if you watch my favorite movie with me." She says taking her favorite chick flick. I frown, 'cause I hate to watch that with her. She cries the whole movie. "I'm not going to watch The Vow with you." "But I broth you Pringles." "No I won't." "And Oreos." "And ..?" I ask. She knew I wouldn't give up that easy. "Chocolate ?" "Okay. But only once." "Don't worry. I brought the ones that make you cry too." "Disney ?" "Up, and The Lion King." She says smirking at the thought of my tears. Sadist. "Popcorn ?" I ask and she nods. Even tho it's still 9:00 A.M. "I'll be right back."

I make the popcorn and the torture begins. After a lot of tears and tissues from May it was my turn.

May crying is actually funny. So when I'm crying over about 20 minutes after the start of Up, May is laughing in my face. Yeah, karma is a bitch.

Two Disney movies and a box of tissues I was starving. Basically we ate all the food from the week in the fridge. "Aren't your mom going to be pissed that we ate all the food ?" "Nah. She's always mad that we have to trow away all the leftovers." "Okay then."

"No May, I already watched your movie." "It was just one !" "We can watch one of your series if you want. But no more tears please." I say and while she searches for the remote. Once she finds it she seats on the couch and I lay my head on her lap. Slowly I feel my eyes getting heavier till I fall asleep.


"Alex." "What ?" I groan not wanting to wake up yet. "I'm leaving okay ?" "Bye." I say and I'm sure May's rolling her eyes. "Bye." She says trowing a pillow at me and leaving. I hear the front door shut close.

I roll over the couch and fall to the ground. "Ouch." I say and hear someone laugh. I jump on my feet scared. "Harry ?" I spot him in my staircase. "Yes." He says jumping the lasts steps. "What the hell you're doing here ? Where did you even enter ?" "From your window." "God. May could've seen you !" "I waited till she was gone." "You're a freak." "And you're my friend. Can you brung me a beer ?" "I'm not a fucking slave. And no." "I have to start bringing my own." He says to himself. "You didn't answered me. Why you're here ?" "I don't know. It seamed to me the best option." "Why ?" "Stop with the questionary." He says turning the tv back on and zapping trough the channels. I seat next to him and he doesn't even bulge. "Is there any good in this house?" "No." "Okay. We can order pizza." "You'll be paying ?" "Sure. Am I going to get something by buying you pizza ?" "I won't call the police, I mean, I broke in onto my house." He rolls his eyes once again and I laugh. "Beer. I can ask some." He says to himself. "Now Domino's has beer ?" "No stupid. I'll ask someone to bing me. Liam. Yeah, he would bring me." He says taking his phone from the back pocket of his skinny jeans. "No Harry ! If you call him here he'll think we were doing something !" "Who said we won't ?" "Harry !" I say slapping his arm. He grumbles something I can't hear. "He doesn't knows you live here. I'll just get then out side and he'll leave." I don't agree but I don't prohibit either.

Harry orders the pizza, and probably calls Liam. I just keep watching tv while he's in the kitchen.

"Is Liam coming ?" "Why the question ? Are you interested on him too ?" "No, you dick. I was asking because of the beers." I say an he smirks at me. "Ohhhh, so the good girl drinks beer ?" He says mockingly. "I never said I was a good girl." I say getting up and gathering the garbage from the table that me and May did earlier. I walk to the kitchen and Harry follows behind. "Yeah, 'cause you're totally a bad girl." "I didn't said that either." I say but he ignores my comment. "What was the most badass thing you ever did ?" He asks but before I'm can answer he speaks. "You didn't said bless you when someone sneezed ? Or didn't gave your seat to an old lady in the bus ?" "Harr-" "Tell me bad girl, what's the worse thing you ever did ?" "Kiss you." I snap and regret the moment the words left my mouth. He stops for a moment and frowns. I fell the air vanish from my lungs. "Harry that's not what I meant." I say walking in his direction. "Of corse it wasn't." I can hear the hurt in his voice. "It's just because I kissed you while..." "Cut the crab Alex." He almost shouts.

I'm filled with guilt, and in the next moment I'm kissing him. I dot even remember thinking about this. Or how.

He's reluctant at the start but suddenly he digs his fingers in my hip and presses me against the wall, an we're once more making out on my kitchen.

He presses me harder against the wall and I moan in his mouth. "Shit Alex." He says when we separate out lips. I just moan again 'cause now he's kissing my neck and pressing his boner against my filing tight. "Harry." I moan his name. "Look at me." He says and I open my eyes. The green in his eyes are almost inexistent. He's so hot right now. Especially the moment he bites his lower lips. He just looks like sex.

We go back to our hot make out session while my hands travel around his torso. Suddenly his shirt is nowhere to be seen.

God. I did that ? I'm not even thinking straight right now. If this room was burning, I wouldn't even notice. [see what i did there ?]

But apparently I notice the doorbell. The fucking doorbell.

"Harry the door." "Okay. I'll get it." He says taking his wallet from his pocket. I follow him till the door and look outside from the window. Liam is out there taking a few pack of beer from his trunk. He says something and they laugh. Then he looks inside, and the look on his face showers pity. Probably for the girls he thought Harry would be intoxicating and then using her for his pleasure.

I sigh. Would he do that to me ? "Probably." Says a voice in my head. I just try to ignore it while Harry walks in and Liam drives away. "Beer !" Harry shouts lifting four pack. Shit his hands are big.

I help him set them in the refrigerator and a few in the freezer. We both stay quiet the hole time. I don't really know what to do, so I just stand in the middle of the kitchen looking around.

"What was there for." He suddenly asks, sounding almost annoyed. I froze. Of corse. He probably regrets it now. "Why ? You didn't like it or something like that ?" I ask starting to feel self conscious. And he notices and starts shaking his head. "No ! No." He shouts but then corrects himself. "No, of corse I like it. I mean, I still heave a fucking boner to prove it." He says motioning to the bulge in his pants and I blush. Not only at the thought that I was the reason of that, but that seconds ago he was rubbing that thing against me. And I liked it. "It's just that....I'm confused." He says scratching the back of his neck. "I am too. I'm sorry." "Don't be. I guess it's my fault too. It's not like I'm mentally stable." He says forcing a laugh.

As he talks I really try to not look at his pants. He's probably not comfortable with that. "Does it hurt ?" I suddenly ask. "Hum..." "Don't answer that !" I scream. "I'm...uhm...sorry I shouldn't have asked that. But is it like, going away or something like that ?" "I don't know...most likely." "What do you mean with that ?" "It's that I usually have someone to help me with it." "Oh." It's all I say. "We're talking about my dick." He says, we look at each other and burst out laughing. "Maybe the beer is cold enough." He says opening the freezer and taking out tow bottles. "Served ?" He asks after he opens both of them, and I grab one. "Cheers." He says lifting his. "Cheers." I repeat and drink.

~~~hey ! Sorry for taking so long, I guess it's a regular thing. And I feel that this shit is getting worse with every chapter but I'm trying I promise.

#halex ? #zalex ? None of them 'cause I really suck a making ship names ?

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