Drop the gun Payne 2

In this book.

1Terri and Niall are getting married and something happens
2Terri falls pregnant
3more singing parts


2. chapter 2

**tuesday (the wedding)**

Terri's POV

"You may now kiss the bride" well here we are again getting married here again. They haven't even wiped the blood off the carpets they're stained that lady looked amazing. I smile at Niall and then we hear the door burst open every one turns their head to the door. "Hi every one I'm Liam's brother" I squint at him. puts his hands behind his back and I hear a gun being rattled with I reach in my dress so no one can see and take out my gun still no one can see it. We both squint at each other and all of a sudden fling our guns up. "Hmm fast, you knew my plan." smirks. I roll my eyes. "Please don't ruin this for us." Looks down. "I suppose it would be kinda rude and plus this isn't even my gun Liam gave it to me and told me to do this." I nod. "Okay, you may now kiss the bride" me and Niall have the best kiss ever.

Niall's POV

Me and Terri are finally home. "Here is your tea Mrs Horan." She smiles big. "Mrs Horan, I'm Mrs Horan."

"Thanks for the tea haha."

"Well the wedding could have gone better but you know.." I laugh. "Yeah I suppose it could have.." We giggle together. "That was really funny how you all of a sudden pulled out your gun!" We laugh and joke together for hours until I get tired. "I'm tired can we go to bed?"

"Sure my wife." He picks me up bridal style and puts me on our bed and immediately fall asleep. Me and Niall decided not to have a honey moon because we didn't want one... Soo yeah. I still can't get over his voice it's amazing. My alarm clock goes off and I chuck it across the room and Niall laughs. "Oh haha how long were you awake for?"

"Ages, I was watching my beautiful wife sleep." I blush. "Awhh soo cute!"

"Can I tell you something?" He puts on a serious face.

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