Drop the gun Payne 2

In this book.

1Terri and Niall are getting married and something happens
2Terri falls pregnant
3more singing parts


1. chapter 1

Terri's POV.

"You may now kiss the bride." This is the best day of my life me and Niall graduated 3 months ago we are getting married like right now! "I object!" A familiar voice shouts. "Sir we have passed that bit!" I look at the guy who objected he's in a black suit , brown hair and he's holding a gun. Liam. "Liam don't do this!" I screech. "There are other girls in this world." Liam points the gun at Niall. Louis stands up and walks up to Liam. He pulls out his gun. (They are only hand guns. That would be funny though if they had shot guns and stuff haha.) "drop the gun Payne." Liam rolls his eyes and turns to Louis. "You ruined yr10 for her you're not ruining her wedding." Louis bravely says. "Don't interfere!" Liam shouts. I see the little flower girls crying and shaking they must be petrified they are only 6-11 years old. The ring boy is scared but he's in awe because he's seen a gun in real life. Liam starts walking up to me. "If you take one more step I'll shoot." Louis says squinting at Liam. "Who's the woman who raised this beautiful woman." Liam shouts. Nobody gets up. "NOBODY RAISED ME! I raised my self from 11 my mum was an alcoholic and my dad was in jail!" A tear drop down my cheek.Niall puts his arms around me. "How could you so this on someone's wedding day Liam this is horrifying!" Niall shouts. Harry stands up. "Liam go away!" I look at Harry then I look at Maura and Bobby. Maura is crying and Bobby is getting ready to stand up with a gun. Why does every one but me have a gun? "OY!" Bobby stands up. Liam turns around and takes out another hand gun he points it at Bobby and Louis. Bobby holds up his gun. Then this girl with curly hair comes in with a wedding dress with tears streaming down her face. "LIAM FUCKING PAYNE! You forgot about our wedding! Why are you pointing guns at peoples heads don't ruin people weddings!" I roll my eyes. "Yeh Liam fucking Payne." Zayn snickers. "You better shut up Zayn of I'll shoot you. Zayn puts up his hands. "Woah bro I didn't do any thing!" and he sits down. "I can't believe you missed out on our wedding just to mess up someone else's." Liam raises an eyebrow at her and points the gun at her. "I never loved you" he shoots her head. My mouth opens and I suddenly feel like screaming and shouting and crying. How could he do something like that to an innocent lady that got mad at him because he didn't show up to their wedding! "YOU DICK HEAD! How could you!" I run down to her dead body. I burst out crying and screaming. I feel sorry for this lady all she wanted to do was get married and start a family! "You're pathetic Liam. I hope you go rot in hell!" He turns around. "Shut up bitch I stabbed you I can shoot you as well!" I lower my head. "Now come here baby." I sit on the floor with my legs crossed near the dead woman. "COME HERE!" Liam shouts. I continue to sit on the floor and I start squinting at him with a smirk on my face. "Get the fuck up you slut bag or I'll slit your neck." I close one eye and look at my fingers from where I am they look like they're squashing him. He starts walking up to me he pulls my wrist. "Oh Liam look there are your friends!" He turns around and there are the cops. I burst out laughing and I start running away still laughing."You fucker!" He shouts and starts chasing me. I kick my leg up and so my high heel comes off my foot and I catch it I look back,aim and successfully get the sharp bit in his eye. "HAHA!" The cops are like 10 centimetres away from him they will catch him. I stop running because Liam fell so did the cops and I take my other high heel off and reach into my bra for my gun haha I know I lied I have a gun I was saving it. One of the cops look like he broke his leg now there's only one cop left the small one that has no strength what so ever! Liam continues running after me I stop and he catches up to me he starts walking in circles around me until he reaches the front of me. I put my hands behind my back. "What's behind your back?" I smile innocently nothing and I shoot his foot. I start running again. "that's for shooting Niall in the foot two years ago!" I laugh. The small cop and Louis catch up to Liam and pick him up and take his gun. Niall comes sprinting up to me. "Terri are you alright?"

"Fuck yeh, that was awesome!" Niall laughs at my response. We walk back up to the alter people were staring at us in horror children were crying Maura was still crying and every one was freaked out. "Alright guys we're really sorry we spoke to the wedding person we have moved the wedding to Tuesday same time and place okay." Then people were saying they couldn't come and stuff. "Guys please come I know this was horrifying it scared me to death as well but Liam's gone to jail and we have hired guards and security okay." Every one agrees to come. Me and Niall get home and lie on the bed "I didn't know you had a gun!" I laugh. "Yep I saved it just incase." I laugh. "Oh my gosh it was soo funny when you were sitting on the ground not getting up."

"I know I though he was going to shoot me!" We smile. "What an extraordinary day."

"Yep I thought is be married but nope it got ruined.."

"Awhhh come here let's have ruined wedding sex."

"Theres no such th...." He stop me from talking and kissed me. I giggle while I kiss back. I open my eyes I just remembered something. I pull away. "NIALL!" He looks at me. "Yes honey?"

"I'm pregnant I forgot to tell you!"

"So you're telling me you got chased by a murderer,witnessed a murder and shot someone in the foot while carrying our child?" I smile and nod. "Wow!" I laugh. We continue our 'ruined wedding sex'

Louis' POV

How could Liam do that he killed his wife to be,ruined Terri and Niall's wedding and ruined children's childhoods. I can't believe I used be his best friend or even his friend I can't believe I even knew him. I used to think he was a good guy.

Zayns POV

That was scary but hilarious. Terri is soo smart she sat there and then ran and shot him in the foot hahaha.

Harry's POV

I wasn't really part of that whole thing I just told Liam to stop it was really funny when Terri was trying to squish him with her fingers.

**next day**

Louis' POV

Me, Zayn,Harry,Maura and Bobby are sitting on the couch waiting for an announcement. Niall and Terri walk in. "Alright guys we are gonna tell you something life changing!"

"We are having a child!" Maura bursts into tears and hugs me. "Thank you I get to be a grandma!"

"Awh it's okay!" She hugs me for what feels like forever and she finally let's go.

Maura's POV

OH MY GOSH! My son is having a child! I'm going to be a grandma!

Louis' POV

Look I'm happy for Niall and Terri but Liam will be out of jail in a couple of years and you know he'll probably try to do something to the child.

Niall's POV

I'v gotta get Terri out of the house it's our 2 year anniversary and I have a HUGE surprise for her. "Terri there's a big show on tonight wanna go?" Please say yes,please say yes! "Sure" YES! "Okay get dressed we have to leave in 20 minutes." She nods and starts getting ready. She comes down the stairs and she looks amazing. My jaw drops. "Wow.."

"What you didn't think I could dress up did you?" She laughs and smacks my arm to follow her to the car.When we get there we take front row seats. When an hour passes the security guard winks at me that's the signal I told him to do so she's didn't see. "I gotta go to the bathroom be right back" I smile innocently she looks at me suspicious and nods. I walk off and go back stage "are you guys ready?" I say to the boys.(Harry,Zayn,Louis). They nod and we walk onto stage I watch Terri's reaction and she stares at me smiling with wide eyes. I walk up to the microphone. "Alright guys I have two songs to sing one is with my friends and the last one is just me singing." I nod at the boys. "Baby I, I wanna know what ya think when you're alone is it me yeah are you thinking of me yeah? We been friends now for a while wanna know when you smile is it me yeah are you thinkin Of me yeah? Girl what would you do would you wanna stay if I were to say..I wanna be first yeh baby let me be your baby let me your let me be your lat first kiss I wanna be first yeh wanna be the first to take it all the way like this and if you only knew I wanna be last yeh baby let me your last first kiss" I finish singing the rest of the song and the boys walk off the stage. "I made this song up for Terri. Your hand fits in mine like it was made just for me but bare this in mind it was meant to be and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me" when I finish the song I look at her and she's crying. I sit back down on my seat. "Niall your voice is amazing!" I smile wow I'm actually good? "Thanks!" I hug her.

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