Hate It When People Do This

Hate it when people do things!!!!!!!!!


1. Don't Copy Peoples Ideas

A week ago in music, we had to compose a piece of music. We had 3 weeks to do that. The first week, the group did nothing, because I wasn't there. The next week I took the role of being team leader because these people didn't do anything. So I came up with a tune and then the guy was playing it. The teacher heard and then told him it was great. He took all the credit when it was actually all me who did it! STOP TAKING THINGS WHICH AREN'T YOURS, ARE SO DUMB YOU CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING YOURSELF!!! I then just said, hey just go along with it. The next week another group member came to our group and totally took the whole idea and changed it. That was so mean of him. IT WAS MY PART, AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT!!! THINK OF YOUR OWN YOU DUMBO!!!!!! So then the teacher said it was great. So I had to deal with it! So then i just sat there and saw them make a fool out of themselves which was so funny. the piece was rubbish without me and thats what they get for using me. I was in another class before this and they used me, the saw me as a piece of dirt on the ground. I was so happy to be in this class. I thought they won't do that, but I was wrong and again I had to learn the hard way. But i won't give any more ideas and they can do there silly crap piece the way they want. Like it if you agree!!! And if you disagree then tell me what I should of done!!!

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