Hate It When People Do This

Hate it when people do things!!!!!!!!!


8. Do Your Own Dirty Work

I hate it when people do this. So remember they guy I talked about him cheating in his R.S.P test, well he wanted me to say to his dad to get him a smart mobile telephone device, his dad always want us to be best friends and we really aren't, he makes sure he copies me in every aspect of life it is annoying and I can't wait until I die. But it is annoying that he is making me do his dirty work so he can get a phone. He shouldn't of lost his old really good phone on the bus or train. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DESERVE IT!!!! THE ANSWERS NO BY THE WAY!!!!!!! Don't drag me in to it. Do all your rubbish your self.

Post if you have the same problem.  

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