Hate It When People Do This

Hate it when people do things!!!!!!!!!


3. Copying Then Getting It Correct

This is one I hate. Today I was in Physics and I got some of the answers. This guy came and copied my answers down then told everyone look at my hard work. WHAT THE HELL? I GOT THE ANSWER YOU JUST COPIED IT!!!!! Stop copying peoples ideas and then tell everyone it was your idea or then tell the teacher it was you who found that out. I am in English and I am kind of shy. So I don't really want to say answers in front of the English teacher because he might get angry, so I have this person who I sit next to and I tell him the answers but he asks me if it is okay if he answers it. That is perfect, not want that guy in Physics did. 

Also in Maths we did a quick little task and both of the people sitting next to me were copying everything. It is so annoying. I just wanna kill them. I swear to God it is annoying. They get all answers correct. 

To all of you, 'GOOD LUCK WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR G.C.S.E, YOU'LL NEED IT!!!' So post a comment if you have the same problem!

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