Hate It When People Do This

Hate it when people do things!!!!!!!!!


7. Cheatings Not Right

Cheating is not the way to go, I hate it when people do this. I was at geography and I finished all the work and started making revision notes for a test. Then this guy said what did i get for a question. I told him the answer. He kept bugging me to find out all answers. Then he said just send the work, so I did. Then he copied the whole question out and then didn't even change it to his own words. WHAT A CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!! So annoying. 

Also I was in an R.S.P lesson and the test was done in our books and so during the test this guy who is the guy I wrote about in Dibbs Don't Work and Taking Over looked in his book for the answer. Then I told him why were you cheating in the test and he said why were you looking at my test. WHAT A SAD BASTARD, HE NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THIS SCHOOL AND GO TO HIS OWN COUNTRY IN SHIT!!! It is soooooooo annoying, swear to God this happened.

Post a comment if you have been through this as well.  

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