Hate It When People Do This

Hate it when people do things!!!!!!!!!


2. Calling Out And Listening Then Saying

Today, in an English lesson we were all analyzing poems. The teacher asked us a question , I had a great answer then i put my hand up. Suddenly someone shouted out that answer. The teacher said it was a great answer. Why don't these teachers get angry at these students who shout out. I swear to God it is so annoying.

The same thing happened in History. I said the answer out but the teacher didn't hear. So one student said the same answer to him. He said well done!!! That was my answer. When he saw my face he asked me did you say the answer. So that guy said it was a joint effort. What a idoit? Can't you think of the answer your self other than cheating!!! 'Good Luck With Your G.C.S.E!!!!'


Post a comment if you have the same problem.

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