Minecraft world of two friends

Two boys having fun in a new world. This is made by me i am a 12 years old boy, in a danish school


1. New things

“YEAH” Uhmmm Mads do you know I need to tell the introduction first. “YEAH, wait a second, introduction WHAT” can you please be quiet so I can begin and then you can rage. What is that sound. “YEAHHH” “Hey Mathias how are you” “Fine, I have just built this big rollercoaster, do you want to try” WAIT STOP, we need to start from the beginning so all can know how to start, Okay I begin with the introduction.



A long time ago there were two boys, the first boy was called Mathias, The second Mads they did run from their home because they did get attacked by zombies and there mom and dad did get killed. “WHAAAAA” Shhh Mads alright. And now they are at a waterfall but they got nothing to live for, so we follow them to the end of their days “YEAH” Now the story begins

“I don’t wonna start over”, But you ne……..e…….d to………to……….t…..o……….…t…o




(Mads took the plug out)


“Now can we make a plane or a train” “Mads we cannot make that things this is not 2012 it is like 1047 and we also need to make  tools first if we need to make just something” “We build a big house with beds and other things” “yes but we need a bed first so if it get night we can sleep so we can work all day” “ok you get the wool and I get the tree” “Okay” (5 min later) “all right how do I cut down this tree uhm, I can use my hands yaaa?? I try, hey if I sing a song can I make it okay, Punching tree’s like a boss punching dirt like boss punching Mathias like a boss, aw ass now my hand is broken” “come here little sheep buki buki buuu smash!!, thanks little sheep orhh you are cute I take you to Mads and show you to him he’s a very cool boy. Hey mads see I found a little sh….eee…p no don’t smash him in the tree Mads stop Mads” “yes finally I have wood see Mathias I have wood” “No sheepi are you okay noooooo” “Mathias I have wood for the bed” “rest in peace sheepi. Come Mads we make the bed. I need the wood” “here” “thanks and the wool here and we have made a bed JUHUUUUUUU” “YESSSSSSSSSS” (2 sec later)



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