Minecraft world of two friends

Two boys having fun in a new world. This is made by me i am a 12 years old boy, in a danish school


2. Good ideas

“Mathias we need to build a house” “What are you talking about” “We need to build a house” “Yes I did understand that but why do we need to build a house and we don’t have enough stone and wood or material. We need a pickaxe but for that we need wood” “do you still have sheepi we could use him” “’Mads why are you so evil but still no stupid idea” “all right I go down and smash down some tree’s with sheepi” “okay, but did you forget you have kill sheep” “yes I know but I can still use him :D” “Okay when you got it give it to me” “No I can do it on my own” “okay I will get some stone” “Ohhh, Yeah right” (5 minutes later) “I got wood and sheepi is a good help” “Okay give me the” “no I will do it” “no Mads if you make a fail its will look’s weird” “Okay so” (tree hour later) “Mads give the hammer……. Mads!!” “zzzzzZZZZ” “MADS WAKE UP!!” “Orhh what is it” “GIVE ME THE HAMMER” “Okay okay here” “Im done” “we did it good” “Mads you did do anything” “I did do something” “Can you tell me what” “Yes I can…. I did get wood uhmm….. And I did give you the hammer :D” “Okay let’s get some sleep” (30 minutes later) “uhmm Mathias I can sleep” “zzzzZZZ” “What that sound Mathias” “arhhh uhm uhm zzzzzZZZZZZZ” “I think I’m will take a look at it….(“Zombie Sound”)maybe not !!” “Mads what going on” “uhh I could not sleep because I already did sleep when did build the” “Did you sleep the whole time” “wait you ask about what going on and i answer so shhhh…. Okay the house and then you say I should go to sleep and I could sleep because of that and then I try’t to say to you but you did answer and then I hear a sound and th…..” “Wait what sound” “some kind (arrharrarrrrrrarrara)…..” “Wait what that sound only come from zombies” “What does that mean” “That means we are not alone”


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