Damon has been trapped in the earth for hundreds of years, now he's out, he's looking for his trappers descendant and the sweetness of revenge.
Then he meets Arella.
And it all goes to hell...


3. Registered

This was going to be fun.

I made my way down the school, hands deep in my jacket pockets,

Well, not my jacket. I'd swiped it from a clothes line. But it was mine now.

A woman in a button up shirt and black skirt looked over her glasses at me as I stepped into the office.

I didn't need to look into her mind to know what she was thinking.


  “Can I help you?” She asked, clearly expecting me to give a vague excuse and escape.

I smiled and leaned on the desk, our faces a few inches apart.

She moved away.... After a while.

  “Yes, apparently there`s been some mix up and I`m not registered as a new student.”

I slipped the barest suggestion of a file with my new name on it into her mind and felt it click.

  “Oh, Damon right?”

I smiled and tasted the heavy tang of lust seep out of her.


  “Yes, I remember your file now. What was your last name?”

  “Smith,” I said, picking the most common name out of her head. “Damon Smith.”

She nodded and turned to sit at her computer.

I turned and placed a hand curiously against the wall, my finger tracing a line of humming energy that made my skin prickle.


They had tamed lightning! I was impressed, I had to admit.

But they`d find lightning a lot more breakable than myself.

  “Damon Smith. There you go.” The receptionist smiled, getting up from her chair on wheels. “You’re in the system now. Sorry about that, I’m not sure what went wrong.”

I gave her another smile, purely for the delicious tang that seeped out once more.

  “Thank you.”

Turning on my heel, I left and continued searching for Sera’s descendant.

You’re here somewhere, I can feel you.

I will find you.

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